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Fermented Foods

Illustration by Toki Oshima. By Roberta Bailey When I first came to Maine, I lived in northwest Washington County, close to the Aroostook County border. As in all rural Maine towns, you drive at least a half hour to an hour to get anywhere other than your local gas station/convenience store, which also serves as

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Forrest, 10, Joe, Zephiren, 6, Julia, and Atticus, 3, with Douglas Fur in the foreground and their straw bale house in the background. By Joyce White Beautiful and sturdy, the Gonsalves’ straw bale house fits snugly, organically, into its cleared niche between forest and brook with a sense of permanence and belonging. If the idea

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Blue Cohosh

Blue Cohosh. Illustration from USDA Miscellaneous Publication No. 77, Washington, D.C, July, 1930. The Herb Hunters Guide – American Medicinal Plants of Commercial Importance, by A.F. Sievers, Senior Biochemist, Office of Drug and Related Plants, Bureau of Plant Industry. By Deb Soule Blue cohosh (Caulophyllum thalictroides), a member of the Berberidaceae family, is a long-lived

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Grow Edamame

Butterbeans, a cultivar of edible green vegetable soybeans, have a sweet, buttery flavor. Photo courtesy of Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Albion, Maine. By Roberta Bailey Nearly 20 years ago, I wrote an article for The MOF&G entitled, “What is tofu?” At the time tofu was not available in convenient, pre-packed cartons on any grocery store shelf,

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By Roberta Bailey This summer I trialed 10 varieties of green soybeans for a local seed company. I planted and labeled each variety carefully, then took notes at various stages of development. The crowning event was the edamame (green soybean) taste-off. I steamed each variety separately, then shelled them into individual bowls. All of them

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Edible Flowers

Toki Oshima drawing They look and smell pretty in the garden, attract bees, and add color and inspiration to your cooking. So why don’t we use more of them? By Ellie MacDougall Soon after I began to grow vegetables, I realized that flowers have a place in the same garden. In fact, I don’t have

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Toki Oshima drawing By Jean Ann Pollard What’s so round, so firm, so – strangely hairy? If you’ve never seen celeriac, you couldn’t guess. The literature has few references to it – at least in America. It’s a root vegetable that’s been around for about 4000 years, but its lack of publicity wouldn’t tell you

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Biological Controls and Other Lower Toxicity Methods By Colin D. Stewart, Ph.D., University of Maine Cooperative Extension Homeowner/Greenhouse IPM Specialist This article discusses many lower toxicity pest control measures, including biological controls. The key to using biologicals successfully is to monitor your greenhouse regularly to detect and correctly identify pests and to introduce the correct

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MOFGAs Hermans

Juvelina Palma spoke with fairgoers after her powerful keynote speech at the Common Ground Fair. English Photo. Santiago Serrano (shown here with MOFGA-El Salvador committee member Jess Harper) works with youth in El Salvador, using theater to teach them about “free” trade, health and other issues. English photo. Deb Soule of Avena Institute exchanged information

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Matchbox Peppers

Roberta Bailey of Fedco Seeds has dehybridized ‘Super Chili’ peppers to produce a stable, open-pollinated hot pepper called ‘Matchbox.’ English photo. By Tim King In late September, my glossy green ‘Matchbox’ peppers, with their heavy load of waxy red and yellow chilies, were like decorated Christmas trees. We used to grow ‘Super Chili’ before we

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