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How to Plan Your Harvests for Food Preservation

By Roberta Bailey In the last two years, seed companies experienced record sales which translates to new gardeners turning ground for the first time, some veteran gardeners increasing their plots and farmers planting more acreage to meet the growing demand for local, fresh produce and value-added specialty items. Food security is on people’s minds. This

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Food Project

Michael Docter spoke about efficient harvesting systems at the Farmer to Farmer Conference in November. English photo. By Jean English Michael Docter runs a 600-member Community Supported Agriculture farm, The Food Project, in Hadley, Mass., that not only provides abundant and diverse produce to its members but sends a substantial portion of its yields to

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Honoring Hestia

Colette harvests big tomatoes, and abundance of chard, and much more to supply her family all year with fresh and preserved produce. Photo courtesy of the Thompson family. by Marada Cook Hestia was a goddess of hearth and fire. Greek script lacks capital letters to distinguish names from objects, so Hestia meant literally the ‘hearth,’

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