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MOFGA Certified Clean Cannabis MC3 Program to Continue

By Chris Grigsby, MOFGA Certification Services LLC Director The MOFGA board voted in April 2017 to continue the MOFGA Certified Clean Cannabis Program beyond its trial phase and to open the program to a larger number of caregivers for the coming growing season and beyond. The trial was first featured in the fall 2016 issue

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MOFGA certified Organic Stands For _____

A sampling of the staff of MOFGA Certification Services LLC: Left to right – Chris Grigsby, Katy Green, Laurah Brown, Grace Keown, Jacomijn Schravesande-Gardei, Katie Webb (with daughter Edith). By Chris Grigsby, MOFGA Certification Services LLC Director As MOFGA moves toward its 50th birthday, the world of organic agriculture differs vastly from that world in

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Organic Inspections

By Jacomijn Schravesande-Gardei, MOFGA Certification Services LLC In order to sell, label or represent products as organic in the United States, farming and processing operations must be certified. MOFGA Certification Services (MCS) is accredited by the USDA to certify and inspect organic operations. The MOFGA Certification label assures consumers that products have been produced with

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