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When It Rains, by Sue Smith-Heavenrich Inca Gold, by Mariana S. Tupper When It Rains When it rains thirsty squash pick up their roots, dance-splash mud on radish leaves. Cat-faced tomatoes and snap peas tango, dip-swirl past rutabagas, kale, escarole. Habaneros strut like roosters, they think they are such hombres calientes. Beans snap, poppies shake,

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By Mary Anne Libby One Sunday afternoon’s perusal of the seed catalogs and we are off – In the midst of a gentle, deep snow we can dream of sweet peas, turning the names of varieties over and over in our minds, on our tongues. Matucana, Cupani, Mrs. Collier, Painted Lady, and Little Sweetheart. Mammoth

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