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Storing Garden Vegetables

by Eric Sideman, PhD and Cheryl Wixson, P.E. Apples Use caution when storing apples with other vegetables as they give off ethylene gas that causes other vegetables to rot. They can be stored in tubs with lids to prevent this effect. Choose varieties that are good winter keepers, like golden russet, Belle de Boskeep, winter

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Low Energy Food Storage Solutions

Warm air from an attic is blown through this cabinet to dry produce. The drying cabinet setup. Warm air from the basement keeps plants in the coldframe from freezing. A small, well insulated box in the garage stores root crops. By Eric Evans My wife, Laura, and I love to eat the fruit and veggies

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If You Can Keep It You Can Eat It

Vegetables ready for storage – some fermented, some as harvested. We store carrots, beets, rutabagas and celeriac in wooden boxes with damp spruce wood shavings. The uniform boxes stack and keep out rodents. The boxes also were sized to hold Mason jars. How we store our year-round supply of produce By Anneli Carter-Sundqvist Photos by

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Assorted dehydrated foods. Ana Antaki photo. By Hannah Kreitzer Roy and Ana Antaki of Weeping Duck Farm in Montville believe that when it comes to food preservation, basic is best. The Antakis employ four main food preservation methods: dehydration, lacto-fermentation, steam canning, and freezing, with an emphasis on the first two. At their 2012 Common

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Bulkhead Root Cellar

A bulkhead offers great conditions for storing produce over winter – once stairs are removed to make space, and insulation is added. Adam Tomash photo. The stair module, removed for storage outdoors over winter. Adam Tomash photo. The bulkhead with stairs removed and the first layer of insulation applied. Adam Tomash photos. By Adam Tomash

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Harvest Kitchen

Preserving Food, 2007 edition By Roberta Bailey Keeping Food Fresh: Old World Techniques and Recipes The Gardeners and Farmers of Terre Vivante Chelsea Green Publishing Company, 1999. (1-800-639-4099) 198 pp., $16.95. The Centre Terre Vivante is an ecological research and educa­tional center in Mens, Domaine de Raud, a region in Southern France. The center hosts

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Common Storage Problems of Vegetables

By Eric Sideman, Ph.D., MOFGA’s Director of Technical Services Wheeling great quantities of potatoes or lugging boxes of squash to their winter storage site gives the greatest sense of self sufficiency and satisfaction to gardeners. Going down to get a bit for dinner on a January night and having to sift through a mass of

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The CoolBot “fools” an air conditioner into thinking that the temperature in a room is 65 F, even when it is much colder. The small device enables growers to turn a storage room with an ordinary air conditioner into a cold storage facility. Photo by Phil Norris. By Phil Norris Now and then an invention

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Root Cellars Safe and Secure from the Corporate Food Train

Illustration courtesy of University of Alaska Fairbanks. by Cheryl Wixson Root-cellaring is a saving technique for ordinary winter storage of fresh, raw, whole vegetables and fruits that have not been processed to increase their keeping quality. The root cellar is a way to hold these foods for several months after their normal harvest in a

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