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Onions That Fit

‘Shaker’ is one of the largest, most vigorous top-setting onions. Will Bonsall photo By Will Bonsall I want to have fresh onions all year, but there’s a window in late spring-early summer when any bulb onions left in the cellar are sprouted or rotten and the new crop has yet to come in. Moreover there

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Onion Thrips

Onion thrips (left) and western flower thrips (right). Alton N. Sparks, Jr., University of Georgia. From,_Frankliniella_occidentalis.jpg By Tom Vigue Before 2002, I had seen the insect called thrips only under a microscope in entomology lab. Then in early July 2002, my onion crop was withering when the bulbs had just begun to size up,

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Growing Onions in Northern New England

John Fuchs with his ‘Ailsa Craig’ onions. Photo courtesy of John Fuchs. By John Fuchs Three key factors are involved in bringing in a bumper crop of large, tasty onions in northern New England: providing the right soil conditions; planting onions at the right time; and selecting the right varieties to plant. Onions grow best

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How to Start Onions From Seed

Home gardeners can easily grow all the onions they’ll need for the year. The easiest way is to plant “sets” (small onions) in the spring. Sets are available from seed catalogs, garden centers and hardware stores. In late April or early May, place the small bulbs about an inch deep in the garden, with four

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