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MOFGA El Salvador Sistering Committee

Don Raúl hosts the MOFGA Delegation at his beautiful organic coffee nursery and parcela. Photo by Heather Spalding. Members of MOFGA’s Delegation and the Carasque Sewing Cooperative met to discuss sales of beautiful, hand-made string bags. Photo by Heather Spalding. Paul Volckhausen stocks up on the wonderful dried organic fruit from a women’s cooperative in

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Agriculture in El Salvador

Juan Luis Avilés Moreno at the Common Ground Country Fair with (left to right) interpreters Jan Morrill and Christa Little-Siebold and (right) MOFGA-El Salvador Sistering Committee member Karen Volckhausen. English photo Avilés Moreno (center) talks with Will Bonsall about grain processing at the Fair. Jim Torbert, interpreter and MOFGA-El Salvador Sistering Committee member, is on

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Strong Interest in Local Organic Foods in El Salvador

Delegates from the MOFGA-El Salvador sistering committee met with our sistering organizations, CCR and CORDES, this winter. Mining – a direct threat to agricultural land and water – was a prominent topic of discussion. By the MOFGA-El Salvador Sistering Committee Interest in organic farming and gardening and in permaculture is strong in El Salvador. That

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Sustainable Agriculture in El Salvador

Edith Portillo (in the dark jacket) addressed a Unity College organic horticulture class in October, while Cori Ring-Martinez (in the white shirt) translated. Portillo said organic agriculture is “a life or death situation” in El Salvador. English photo. Rosa is a member of the community council in Chilama, La Libertad. Chilama’s sister city has funded

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