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Oilseed Pumpkins

‘Gleisdorfer’, one of the oilseed pumpkins Bonsall trialed last summer. Photo by Will Bonsall. By Will Bonsall We usually class pumpkins along with other succulent vegetables; however a particular type of pumpkin is much more nutrient-dense, in that it is an oilseed, like sunflowers, sesame and peanuts. For centuries, Eastern European farmers have raise pumpkins

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Cucurbit Seed

By Nicolas Lindholm This is the second of five articles covering some of the most commonly produced and potentially profitable seed crops being grown by small-scale organic and biodynamic farmers in the Northeast. Supported primarily through a grant from the Maine Dept. of Agriculture, I studied almost 30 farms in New England and New York,

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Amy Goldman

Noted author and seed saver Amy Goldman talked about the many pumpkins and squashes displayed in the Exhibition Hall at the Common Ground Country Fair and described in her exquisite book, The Compleat Squash: A Passionate Grower’s Guide To Pumpkins, Squashes and Gourds. English photo. By Jean English Amy Goldman is a passionate gardener, seed

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Growing Superior Winter Squashes

Waltham Butternut. Photo provided by Johnny’s Selected Seeds. By Jean English On a cold and snowy day in January, Rob Johnston Jr., Chairman of Johnny’s Selected Seeds in Albion, Maine, urged growers to go home after Maine’s Agricultural Trades Show and do their “winter kitchen table work. Do it tonight in front of the wood

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Inch by Inch

By John Hershey For us gardeners, the approach of spring is a most exciting time. It’s not that we don’t enjoy the winter, with its time away from the garden to rest and recharge. After a busy autumn of harvesting the garden’s bounty, winter offers time for quiet contemplation. Perhaps we have, in fact, a

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Wendy Karush’s squash, a Burpee butterbush, reads, “Cook me, mash me, add me to pancake batter.” The squash was displayed at the Exhibition Hall at the Common Ground Country Fair. English photo. by Roberta Bailey Last fall defied all that I know to be true of weather in New England. After waiting until mid-October for

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Winter Squash Big Yields From Spectacular Plants

May 2009 By Jean English and Eric Sideman Photo by Jean English A 50-foot row of winter squash can yield 80 pounds or more – 80 pounds of a high-fiber vegetable that is rich in vitamins and minerals, can be stored long into winter and makes a delicious main course, side dish or dessert. Yes,

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