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Food Safety Modernization Act

State Sales Tax Changes In another move affecting some cheese makers and other food processors, Maine has substantially changed its sales tax rules regarding food. No longer is the tax as straight-forward as groceries (non-taxable) and prepared food (always taxable). Now some groceries are taxable. For example, a mix called a “DIP” is taxable. A

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FAQ on Kitchen Licensing

By Cheryl Wixson We operate a diversified organic farm with a surplus of goat milk, honey, fruits and vegetables that we would like to process and sell at farmers’ markets and our farm stand. What type of license is required? Everyone who sells a food product in Maine needs a state food license, issued by

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By Cheryl Wixson Many certified organic farmers and producers seek to increase sales and market penetration through value-added food production or sales to institutions, supermarket chains and food processors. Markets for local, organic food are strong and growing rapidly, but licensing requirements, food safety regulations and liability issues must be addressed before a farmer can

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Understanding Farm Food Safety

By Cheryl A. Wixson Passage of the Federal legislation S.510: FDA Food Safety Modernization Act reflects consumers’ needs and desires for assurance that their food supply is free from pathogens and contaminants that cause foodborne illnesses. Russell Libby, MOFGA’s executive director, logged countless hours in Washington, D.C., advocating for small, diversified farms as the bill

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Licensing the Home Food Processor Kitchen

 Cheryl Wixson in MOFGA’s kitchen. English photo. Note: Some of the information in this 2008 article is out of date. For updated information, please see University of Maine Cooperative Extension Bulletin #3101, Recipe to Market: How to Start a Specialty Food Business in Maine, by Extension food science specialist and associate professor Beth Calder and

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