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Organic Marketing and Business Specialist:
Nicolas Lindholm

MOFGA has an array of resources to help organic farmers address their marketing needs and challenges. We provide online support and resources, in-person farm or business visits, grant or loan options for technical assistance, and referrals to other ag service providers and professional marketing consultants. We can assist in strengthening one’s understanding of specific markets and effective business strategies like branding, logos, pricing, packaging, labeling and more. Please reach out to our organic marketing and business specialist with any inquiries and needs, and visit our online store to purchase branding supplies (MCS labeled twist-ties, stickers, signs, etc.).

MOFGA Organic Certification Supplies

To purchase Marketing Supplies (stickers, labels, twist-ties, and signs) for MOFGA Certified producers, click the button below.

Market Reports

Since 2020, MOFGA and Maine Farmland Trust have collaboratively produced seasonal market reports to provide a platform for sharing data and information relevant to what’s happening at markets, specifically to support communication between Maine farmers and buyers. The Maine Produce Market Reports are posted on a Google Group platform, which allows readers to interact and connect in real time, communicate about supply and demand needs, and share relevant thoughts and perspectives. Issued every two weeks from May to October, the Maine Produce Market Reports focus on fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs, reporting trends in supply, demand and pricing across a broad spectrum of Maine growers, buyers and markets.

To join the Maine Produce Market Report group, use this link and click the “Ask to Join” button near the top center of the page.

Past issues of the market reports are available. Please contact our organic marketing and business specialist to access or receive any or all of these (PDF or hard copy versions are available as well as online access).

Send any questions, needs, comments or concerns to [email protected].

Organic Impact Report White Paper

In April of 2024, MOFGA published an organic impact white paper, titled Maine Organic Agriculture from 2007-2021: Size, Economic Impact, Farmer Goals, and Profitability.” You can read the full report here

The purpose of this report is to:

  • Describe the historical growth trajectory of organic agriculture in Maine from 2007-2021; including number of farms, acreage, gross sales and jobs.
  • Estimate the economic impact of agriculture in Maine from 2007-2021, using economic multipliers generated by the IMPLAN software program.
  • Take a deeper dive into these topics by looking at them based on farm types (dairy, vegetables, fruits, etc.), and market channel.
  • Understand some of the current goals that Maine’s organic farmers have for their farms.
  • Describe the challenges that farmers see themselves currently facing as they work towards those goals.
  • Evaluate the profitability of Maine’s organic farmers as of 2022 — overall, by type of farm, and by primary market channel.

It is expected that MOFGA will use this report as an internal document to help guide its programming decisions as well as an external communication document to be shared with its constituents, policymakers, and other stakeholders.

It is also important to note that the scope of this report includes certified organic farms in Maine. It does not include certified organic food processors or handlers, or other components of the overall food system.

Finally, this white paper report will be updated and revised in calendar year 2024. After further analysis and incorporation of other data — i.e, the 2022 data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) and recent years’ data from Maine’s food access programs including SNAP/EBT, Maine Harvest Bucks, Mainers Feeding Mainers, and WIC — MOFGA will publish a full economic impact report of organic farming in Maine for distribution and utilization to a broader audience (estimated completion date: December 2024).

Send any questions, needs, comments or concerns to [email protected].

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