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The Roots of Organic Movement Building in Post Colonial Guyana

The author conducted trainings on organic farming on various farms using on-hand demonstrations and flip-chart illustrations. A Rastafarian farmer gives a tour of his diverse production area. By John Bliss What does it take to build a movement? At what point does despair transform into hope; stagnation into motivation? How is a movement embodied in

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Terraces in Ancient Jerusalem

Terraces at Sataf in the Jerusalem Corridor. Photo courtesy of the photo archive of the Jewish National Fund. Spring water at Sataf flowing into the second plot. Photo by Deborah Rubin Fields Patch cultivation or box fields in the Modin area. Photo courtesy of Dr. Rafael Lewis, from a 2017 article co-authored with Prof. Shimon

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Cultivating a Farmer to Farmer Conference in Puerto Rico

Yanna Mohan Muriel is helping plan a farmer to farmer conference in Puerto Rico. Photo courtesy of Alexandra May. A work brigade organized by Organización Boricuá for Samnyasin La Finca, the farm where Muriel was raised. Photo courtesy of Yanna Mohan Muriel. Muriel and her daughter found earthstar fungi on Finca Marisol while observing soil

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Worldwide Agricultural Travel Through IFOAM and WWOOFing

Pakaraka Farm raises beef, sheep and pecans. Mustering the sheep at Pakaraka In addition to working hard in the farm fields at Pakaraka, I played duets with my host, Jeanette (right), every afternoon. By Amy LeBlanc Photos courtesy of the author. If you had asked me 20 years ago if I would be traveling, and

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Organic Certification in the European Union

All the different organic logos in Europe, displayed at Biofach in Nuremberg. Photo by the author. By Jacomijn Schravesande-Gardei, Associate Director of Crops, MOFGA Certification Services, LLC A few years ago I had the pleasure of attending an IFOAM organic leadership course in Europe. IFOAM, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, is the worldwide

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Janapada Seva Trust

The Janapada Seva Trust strives to create a nonviolent, egalitarian order of society. Its core area of work includes welfare, education, rural industry, environment and agriculture. The trust refurbished 11 wooden manual looms and created a space where local people can make “Khadi” cloth whenever they have a chance. By Eric Rector Photos by the

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MOFGA El Salvador Sistering Committee 15 Years of Solidarity

Farmland in the mountains of El Salvador. English photo In 2016 the MOFGA-El Salvador Sistering Committee celebrated 15 years of sistering with MOFGA-like organizations in El Salvador. Our committee came about when Salvadoran farmers linked with the Bangor-Carasque Sister City Project talked about issues they face, and some members of the Bangor committee (as well

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Miracles from Mals to New England

At the 2018 Maine Agricultural Trades Show, Philip Ackerman-Leist spoke about Mals, Italy, which banned synthetic pesticides. Photo courtesy of Chelsea Green Philip Ackerman-Leist Speaks in Maine By Stowell P. Watters There is a place in Northern Italy, right at the top of the boot, where farmers who raise fruits and vegetables, grain and hay,

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Ethiopian Highlands

A farmer shows his seed-saving garden. By John Bliss Photos by the author Last November, as the farming season in Maine was winding down, I had the opportunity to travel to Ethiopia. Our harvest at MOFGA-certified organic Broadturn Farm was tucked away in our storage coolers, and the crew was preparing for winter. Tractors and implements were

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