Seed Swap & Scion Exchange

2021 Seed Swap and Scion Exchange

No Exhibition Hall Event this year; Stay tuned for details on alternative programming.
March 28 – Sunday, and Sunday, April 4, 2021

This year, instead of gathering in person to exchange seeds, scionwood and cuttings at the Exhibition Hall, we’ll host online programming on both of these dates all about growing tree crops, saving seeds and lots more! During the month of March scionwood will also be available for self-serve pick-up at several locations around the state. 

Coming soon: a full schedule of workshops, videos and more!

Contact [email protected] with questions
In March, 2021, scionwood will be available for self-serve pick-up. Stay tuned for details.

Helpful Resources

Thoughts on grafting from MOFGA’s Landscape Coordinator, Jack Kertesz:
  • Grafting apples, pear and plums is not that difficult. With practice YOU can do it.
  • Smooth cuts are not absolutely critical but definitely help the union heal.
  • Good alignment and attention to secure taping and sealing are what count the most.
  • A utility knife with a new blade, electrical tape and a Wax Toilet Bowl Seal will suffice. All should be available at any hardware store. (This cheap system works and comes recommended by a number of competent grafters.)

Here’s a grafting primer from the MOF&G archives:

These links give some very clear directions about how to graft:

This one gives clear directions on bud grafting:

This handy PDF has illustrations of different kinds of grafting techniques:

This video cleverly shows how to graft with supplies commonly found on hand:

And here’s a short video on grafting from the folks at Seed Savers Exchange:

Here’s a good resource for caring for your newly grafted tree. Don’t ignore them!


We know there is typically root stock available for sale at the Seed Swap & Scion Exchange.  If you need to order some, try Fedco Trees or Cummins Nursery
B 118 rootstock would be the desired choice for a nearly full size tree that will perform much like a “standard” rootstock, (usually “Antanovka”), preferred by many in colder climates.


Here’s a great resource on how to collect scionwood:

And here’s a helpful video about it:

Apple (and other) varieties
Want to learn more about a particular kind of scionwood you picked up? The Maine Heritage Orchard website has a lot of helpful descriptions, photos and relevant info and links. An excellent reminder of our pomological past and what our future could hold.

This is an exhaustive, alphabetical list of apple, pear, plum and cherry varieties, with comments from growers across the planet.

Your nursery catalogs (or their websites) are also great resources if you want to learn more about a particular variety.

New to orcharding and want some clarification on terminology? Try this resource:

More great information at the Maine Tree Crop Alliance website:

Seed Saving

Want to have seed to swap next year? Here are a couple of seed saving guides to get you started:

Here’s a primer by Roberta Bailey in the MOF&G archives:

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