Vegetable Gardening Series

Monthly webinars and events (when possible) take place throughout the year to help you grow your organic garden.
Trainings range from question and answer sessions to in-depth events on specific topics. We also send a monthly email newsletter for gardeners. Sign up here.

Upcoming Gardening Events

Recorded Webinars to Help You Successfully Grow A Vegetable Garden

Growing Seedlings Indoors - Tips, tricks and pitfalls to avoid when growing your own vegetable starts in the early spring

Raised Bed Gardens - Rowen Gorman of Cultivating Community shares her favorite methods for constructing raised bed gardens using 'lasagna layering' methods

Getting Ahead of the Pests - Tips on preventing pest problems in your garden before they arise - or, if need be, dealing with pests using organically approved methods before pests get out of control

July in the Garden - Seasonal tasks like pruning, planting fall crops, trellising tomatoes, mulching, and succession planting are covered

Season Extension - Growing vegetables during the spring and fall in Maine, using various methods for protecting your crops from cold temperatures

Preserving the Harvest - Basic instruction on 5 core home food preservation methods: cold storage, freezing, dehydrating, fermenting & canning

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