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What follows is a collection of stories submitted by readers in response to the theme of “potluck.” The concept of “potluck” has taken on a new appreciation in our house since the onset of pandemic life. We came together with people not face to face but heart to heart through offers of roadside generosity. Some

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Community Chainsaw

By Dani Walczak I bought my first pair of steel-toed boots for MOFGA’s femme, nonbinary, trans and women (FNTW) chainsaw safety course. “You know these are steel-toed,” the cashier said to me. “Yes I know,” I replied. “Well, what do you do for work?” she asked, surprised. Tasks involving machinery, heavy-lifting and sharp objects often

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A Grower’s Journey

By Ivonne Vazquez A recent conversation at the farmers’ market made me think about my own journey as a gardener, grower and now a small-acreage diversified farmer. Someone was interested in the native plants I sell but was concerned about not having space as a renter to grow a garden. As a proponent of gardening

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What follows is a collection of stories submitted by readers in response to the theme of “water.” The vegetable garden that borders the meadow was mostly under water from the latest storm, a temporary pond shining in the sunlight. From my studio window I could just make out the tops of the high rows I

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Rebekah Lowell Wins 2023 Common Ground Country Fair Poster Contest

By Holli Cederholm  Rebekah Lowell considers herself a “multi-passionate” artist. Her portfolio includes fine art paintings of landscapes, whimsical fabric patterns, Maine Migratory Waterfowl Stamps, and illustrations for children’s books — which she also authors. The common thread is the world around her. “I’m never bored with nature,” says Lowell. If anything, nature provides an

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Beech Hill Farm at College of the Atlantic

Where students and community build relationships through food By Sonja Heyck-Merlin Mount Desert Island, Maine: What comes to mind? Maybe it’s catching the sunrise from atop Cadillac Mountain or sea kayaking in a lobster-buoyed bay? Or maybe whale watching, or biking Acadia’s famous carriage trails? Or maybe you roll your eyes, thinking about a $10

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Every Seed Has a Story — And Every Seed Grower is Part of It

By Tim King Every seed in every packet that a seed company ships to a gardener or farmer is throbbing with biological vitality and a barely fathomable web of stories and culture.  Take, for instance, the beautiful open-pollinated Swiss chard, called Heart of Gold, that Johnny’s Selected Seeds released in late 2022. The catalog describes

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A Tribute to Roberto McIntyre and Haas Tobey

By John Bunker Photos by the author As many of you know, I have been tracking down, identifying and preserving the historic apples of Maine for quite a few years. I’ve driven all over the state, studied apples and old books, grafted trees, collected scionwood — and tried to keep track of it all. This

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