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Organic Influences: Maine Ranks High in Recent Survey Results

By Anneliese Abbott Maine organic farmers will be excited to hear that their state came in near the top in a recent survey of organic growers. The survey, sent out through 51 northeastern and midwestern organic and sustainable agriculture organizations in May-June 2021, asked organic farmers to list the authors, people and organizations that influenced

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Plant-Based Compost

By Will Bonsall Suppose you want to improve your garden soil’s tilth by organic means, but for some reason or other animal manure just doesn’t work for you. Maybe you just don’t have access to it since you don’t keep livestock yourself. Maybe you can buy commercial compost mixes (which are largely cow manure), but

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Sasanoa Brewing: A Toast to Organic and Seasonal Ingredients

By Tim King Tarbox Farm, on Westport Island in Lincoln County, is a diversified vegetable farm that includes 9 acres of cultivated land and 40 acres of woods. It is also home to Maine’s only certified organic brewery. Last season owners Kyle DePietro and Angie Trombley, with help from an intern and some part-time help,

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Family Heirloom Seed Leads to Art Book

By Danielle Walczak In 1898, Enrico Inciardi arrived at Ellis Island from Sicily with nothing but the clothes on his back. Fearing confiscation, he sewed the seeds of his family’s vegetables into his jacket. He was given the name Henry and headed to Chicago where he would propagate his family’s vegetables, including a full-bodied paste

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Passamaquoddy Maple Carries on Tribal Tradition

By Sonja Heyck-Merlin To make apple pie, Vanessa Harnois, an employee at Passamaquoddy Maple headquartered in Jackman, Maine, first soaks the apples for 30 minutes in some very dark maple syrup. After the marinade, she mixes in granulated maple sugar and the rest of the ingredients before sealing them into the crust. “It’s just phenomenal,”

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