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Seeking Flint Corn Propagators

Michele Carmel and Albie Barden at their Norridgewock home. One aspect of “living with the corn.” A Benjamin & Co. model corn sheller made in Winthrop in the 1800s By Jean English Photos by the author “We live with the corn, in all of its manifestations.” Michele Carmel’s understatement amuses me as I sit with Albie Barden

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A Butter Lovers Guide to Growing Corn

Eric Sideman with his favorite vegetable. Becky Sideman photo. By Eric Sideman, Ph.D. I like to have a garden that is like a farm stand – maybe because one of my favorite memories is going to the farm stand as a kid with my mom and dad. For whatever the reason, I like to be

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Organic Sweet Corn

Sweet corn can not only lure customers to your farm stand but can be profitable, as well. USDA photo. Organic sweet corn has profit potential for farms and is a great draw to farm stands and farmers’ markets – if grown well. David Handley, UMaine Cooperative Extension vegetable and small fruit specialist, and Jack Manix

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