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Chickweed is a common “weed” that is high in vitamins and minerals and can help relieve ovarian cysts, kidney problems, sore throats and more. By Deb Soule Various species of chickweed grow around our planet. A member of the Caryophyllaceae (Carnation) family, chickweed grows as an annual and reseeds easily in cool, moist soils. Its

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Fredda Paul harvests red willow (Cornus stolonifera) in the spring. Leslie Wood photo. By Fredda Paul with Leslie Wood Paul Fredda Paul, Passamaquoddy tribal member, practices Indian traditional medicine as first learned from his grandmother. He and Leslie work together harvesting, making medicine and helping people return to the old ways of healing. Contact them

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Uncommon Fruits

Ribes Species and White Pine Blister Rust – An Update, June 9, 2015 Over the past several years, interest has increased throughout the Northeast in growing and cultivating currants, gooseberries and other species in the genus Ribes for backyard and commercial fruit production. Stimulated by development of varieties that were either resistant or immune to

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Controlling Sheep Parasites with Garlic Juice

By Jean Noon I operate a 50- to 60-ewe, organic sheep farm in southern Maine. During the fall of 2002 I learned through Coastal Enterprises about the Northeast SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) Grant Program. I was interested because I was worried that I would be unable to continue managing my flock organically under

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By Deb Soule This article is for information only; please consult a health care practitioner if you have a serious medical problem. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is a member of the nightshade family. It grows as an annual in northern New England. This herb grows as a semihardy evergreen shrub in its native habitat of India,

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Harvest Kitchen: The Tricky Topic of Dieting

By Roberta Bailey I recently heard the results of a study comparing the success rates of three popular diets. They were about equally successful, and researchers advised going with the one that seemed easiest to stick with. The report was followed by a doctor’s personal commentary saying that losing weight comes down to the simple

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Allium Pests

By Eric Sideman, Ph.D. Winter is the time to plan gardening and farming practices that will overcome problems from the past year. It is a time of optimism. Looking forward to great success is easy with all the beautiful pictures in seed catalogs, but the rotting vegetables in the root cellar may bring back a

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By Diane Schivera Many natural barriers help prevent bacteria from entering eggs. The “bloom” or “cuticle,” a gelatinous covering that dries after the egg emerges from the hen, helps seal the pores in the shell, reducing moisture loss and bacterial penetration. The many egg membranes also help prevent the passage of bacteria. The shell membranes

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Tips Winter 04 05

Green Methods Web Site The Green Spot, Ltd., a supplier of biological pest control agents and integrated pest management paraphernalia, has relaunched its quasi-famous Web site, The site features a news portal loaded with features, interactive forums and help desks, a complete primer on biological pest control and an extensive photo gallery. The site

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Babushka and Dedushka, two Russian “Old Believers,” with their milk cow, who is one of the family in Ynegetai, Siberia, Russia. The Old Believers maintained their agricultural traditions, which include carefully tended dairy cows and crops grown using hand labor, throughout and beyond the industrialization of the Soviet era. Effie Elfer photo. By Effie Elfer

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