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Food Project

Michael Docter spoke about efficient harvesting systems at the Farmer to Farmer Conference in November. English photo. By Jean English Michael Docter runs a 600-member Community Supported Agriculture farm, The Food Project, in Hadley, Mass., that not only provides abundant and diverse produce to its members but sends a substantial portion of its yields to

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By Diane Schivera, Assistant Director of Technical Services for MOFGA The new National Organic Standards have some management practices that differ from the practices that MOFGA has allowed in the past. Farmers will have to become familiar with these new requirements and begin putting them into practice before the Rule goes into effect on October

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Toki Oshima drawing By Roberta Bailey The first year that I lived in Maine, I gardened on a neighboring farm. Along with plowing up the plot, the farmers showed me how to turn the heel of a knitted sock and how to make pickles. We picked an impressively large patch of cucumbers, washed them and

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Smooth Northern Shadbush. Amelanchier laevis. While traveling through Ontario last summer, my partner and I stopped at Niagara Falls and then the Whirlpool Rapids. Neither of us is fond of crowds or tourist traps, but the energy of all that water inspired an awe that made our tourist status worthwhile. Seeking a quieter picnic spot,

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Cultivating Health

Toki Oshima drawings By Sue Smith-Heavenrich Regular yard work can help prevent osteoporosis, says Dr. Lori Turner from the University of Arkansas. She and her team of researchers have found that women aged 50 and older who garden at least once a week have stronger bones than their peers. Digging holes, pulling weeds, pushing a

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Raising Broilers on Pasture

Cumberland County Extension Educator Dick Brzozowski provided these plans for a portable chicken coop, or “chicken tractor,” at MOFGA’s Small Farm Field Day last August. By Richard J. Brzozowski Raising broiler chicks on pasture can be profitable, and can require few inputs. The system involves purchasing day-old broiler chicks (meat type birds) in late May

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By Roberta Bailey When the strawberries are ripe, they are the best berry; then come the raspberries, their less acidic, more delicate flavors convincing me that they reign supreme; but full summer brings the deep purple blackberry borne on fierce red canes, and when one waits for the shiny black fruits to soften and dull

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Garden Protection

June Zellers with lettuce grown safely inside the protection of a low electric fence. Note the charger housing in the background. Tomash photo. Strategies That Work: Fences and Traps © Adam Tomash 2010 When the corn is coming in or the cabbage transplants just went out, I have trouble sleeping unless I know my “babies”

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Water and the Web of Life

Jim Wilfong believes that Maine’s groundwater should be in the public trust, just as surface water has been for nearly 40 years. Photo by Joyce White. By Joyce White   We did not weave the web of life, We are merely a strand in it. Whatever we do to the web, We do to ourselves.

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Maines Growing Meat Sector

Megunticook Market in Camden offers meat from Caldwell Farms, Terra Optima, Ells Farm and other Maine farmers. English photo. Aldermere Farm in Rockport will be selling its grass-fed beef at the farm this summer. English photo. Belted Galloway cows at Aldermere Farm. English photo. Challenges and Opportunities By Jo Anne Bander Meat producers and retailers are increasing their numbers

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