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Dyeing with Indigo

Cynthia Thayer of the Wednesday Spinners demonstrated dyeing with indigo at the 2004 Common Ground Country Fair. “Two problems make indigo a dye unlike any other dye in the universe,” said Cynthia Thayer at the 2004 Common Ground Country Fair. It does not dissolve in water, nor does it adhere to material. “It’s also the

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Brenda Lynn Gould Traditional Community Herbalist

By Joyce White Copyright 2006 Brenda Lynn Gould, an herbalist specializing in medicinal mushrooms, tries to empower interested people to learn and use what’s in their own back yards to create and maintain good health. Just as she learned from her parents, grandparents and other elders, as well as from the plants themselves, she’d like

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Farming with Draft Horses at the Webb Family Farm

Don Webb and his team By Carolyn Steinhoff Smith Copyright 2006 I met Don Webb at a Farmer’s Market near Topsham, Maine. Tall and strapping, with a grizzled, full gray beard and a ruddy, weather-seasoned face, he was giving rides on a hay wagon pulled by two solid, beautiful gray Percheron draft horses. My friend

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Another Way to Build CSAs

By Jean English Copyright 2006 Consumers don’t have to wait for a farmer to start a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm; instead, they can organize themselves into a group and then find a farmer or farmers to grow food for them. In the June-August 2006 issue of The MOF&G, we featured efforts of MOFGA and

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Growing Housetrees from seed

Growing “Housetrees” (and Other Houseplants) from Seed Copyright 2006 by Larry Lack and Lee Ann Ward We really enjoy having plants in our house. They clean and freshen the air, they’re beautiful, they remind us of our bond with nature many times each day, they cheer us up. Where long winters and dark days are

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Raw Milk Makes a Comeback in Maine

By Craig Idlebrook Copyright 2006 Judging from the laws on the books, the government must view raw milk as a greater threat to public health than tobacco or alcohol. Federal law technically outlaws all interstate sale of raw milk, and many states ban its sale completely. Maine laws are more lenient but not altogether welcoming.

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Pest Reports 2016

Pest Report – December 2, 2016 In this Issue: Downy Mildew of Spinach Read more Pest Report – July 7, 2016 In this issue: Squash Vine Borer Striped Cucumber Beetle Three-Lined Potato Beetle Colorado Potato Beetle Imported Cabbage Worm Potato Leafhopper Powdery Mildew Squash Bug Read more Pest Report – May 27, 2016 In this

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Pest Reports 2015

Pest Report – August 11, 2015 In this issue: Late Blight Alert – August 11, 2015 Read more Pest Report – July 20, 2015 In this issue: Tomato Leaf Diseases Squash Bug Powdery Mildew of Cucurbits Read more Pest Report – June 25, 2015 In this issue: Potato Leafhopper Imported Cabbage and Other “Worms” Colorado

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Pest Reports 2014

Pest Report – August 14, 2014 In this issue:Late Blight UpdateRhizoctonia in BrassicaPlectosporium BlightWhen to Harvest Winter SquashBasil Downy Mildew UpdateRead more Pest Report – July 18, 2014 In this issue:Spotted Wing DrosophilaBlack Leg in PotatoesPotato Leaf Hopper on Beans and PotatoesPowdery Mildew in Cucurbit CropsRead more Pest Report – July 7, 2014 In this

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Pest Reports 2013

Pest Report – September 13, 2013 In this issue: Sweet Potato Harvest and Storage Read more Pest Report – August 29, 2013 In this issue: Spotted Wing Drosophila Update Basil Downy Mildew Plectosporium on Summer Squash When to Harvest Winter Squash Read more Pest Report – August 2, 2013 In this issue: Buckeye Rot of

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