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Harvest Kitchen: Growing Rice in Central Maine

Roberta Bailey grew ‘Duborskian’ rice in Maine in the summer of 2010 and displayed it in the Common Ground Country Fair Exhibition Hall. English photo. By Roberta Bailey I grew rice this year! And I actually harvested mature rice heads. The entire process entertained me all summer. It has been ages since I grew something

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By Cheryl A. Wixson When the skies turn a dark, mottled gray and the clouds start to scurry as the winds pick up from the northeast, my heart flutters. As the elegant spruce trees bend into swirling white snowflakes and our lights flicker, my taste buds quiver. There’s a winter gale coming: time for a

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The branch collar is the wrinkled-looking tissue where one branch joins another or joins the trunk of a tree. English photo. By C.J. Walke As the ground freezes and winter takes hold, our fruit trees become dormant and settle in for their own winter’s nap. The trees may be dormant and we may spend more

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Selling Eggs? Know the Regs

By Diane Schivera, M.A.T. Selling organic eggs in Maine requires knowing the regulations for licensing, certification, labeling, etc. Here’s a summary of some of those rules, with links to more extensive information. Licensing and Labeling If you raise fewer than 3,000 laying hens, you don’t need a license or inspection from the Maine Department of

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Bhopal Revisited

Bhopal Update: April 20, 2000 By Terry Allan Remember Bhopal? The site of the worst chemical industrial disaster in history? I will never forget it. The tragedy of Bhopal put me on a path of questioning our agricultural systems that dramatically changed my world view and led to my decision to become an organic farmer.

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Values Added

By John E. Carroll Contrary to the perceived decline in New England agriculture in the latter years of the 20th century, at least five new social movements in agriculture are emerging in the region. A trademark of these movements is their very explicit values orientation, which contrasts with previous values. The prevailing values of conventional

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How to Grow Peach Trees

Toki Oshima drawing Peaches are a challenge to grow in northern climates. Mention peaches to Maine gardeners, and they get a glint in their eye, either from anticipation that their three-year-old tree will make it through another winter and bear next year, or from the memory of that bushel of the world’s best tasting peaches

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Promoting Maine Agriculture

Robert Spear, Maine’s Commissioner of Agriculture, stressed the importance of cooperation among the state’s agricultural groups in preserving, protecting and promoting farming. English photo. By Jean English Agriculture Commissioner Bob Spear knows agriculture and he knows politics. Now he just has to combine the two. Spear owns a dairy and vegetable farm with his brother

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By Jean English Dave Colson of New Leaf Farm in Durham, Maine, shared his expertise in growing cole crops at a MOFGA-sponsored talk at the Maine Agricultural Trades Show in January. He pointed out that broccoli and cauliflower can diversify the type of labor required on a farm, because each plant can be harvested only

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Seeding Mixes

Nursery crops growing in grow-tubes filled with a compost-based medium. You can check the performance of plants growing in such a medium by growing a few in a commercial, non-compost based medium for comparison. English photo. By Jean English Working with compost-based seeding mixes is not a static thing. That was the main message Dr.

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