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Controlling Sheep Parasites with Garlic Juice

By Jean Noon I operate a 50- to 60-ewe, organic sheep farm in southern Maine. During the fall of 2002 I learned through Coastal Enterprises about the Northeast SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) Grant Program. I was interested because I was worried that I would be unable to continue managing my flock organically under

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Uncommon Fruits

Ribes Species and White Pine Blister Rust – An Update, June 9, 2015 Over the past several years, interest has increased throughout the Northeast in growing and cultivating currants, gooseberries and other species in the genus Ribes for backyard and commercial fruit production. Stimulated by development of varieties that were either resistant or immune to

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Buying Clubs

By Craig Idlebrook Once every four weeks, neighbors in small towns throughout Maine come together to do their grocery shopping in unusual places, such as farmhouses, town halls, grange halls, even a seaweed-packaging plant. They catch up with each other and sip coffee while they wait for their food. Then comes the sound of the

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Garden beds and ponds are just a step from any door at the home of Charles and Julia Yelton in Whitefield, Maine. The Yeltons have a worldwide reputation for excellence in permaculture design. Photos by Jean English. By Jean English In his book Introduction to Permaculture (Tagari Publications, Australia, 1991), Bill Mollison defines permaculture as

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Squash bug. Photo credit: 1 By Eric Sideman, Ph.D. Fall chores are my favorites. At no other time do I have more hope for a successful garden than the fall before. Autumn is even better than spring, especially last spring when we all realized very early in April that it was not going to be

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Pepper Sauces

by Roberta Bailey It’s going to be a long, hot winter – or it can be if you spice up your winter fare with flavorful and fiery hot sauces from around the world.I’ve been interested in growing hot peppers and making condiments with them for a long time, but I was drawn to growing hot

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Spring Growth 2005

By Jean English Local and Organic: A Path Toward Permanence The Spring Growth Conference held by MOFGA in March asked what roles farmers, consumers and citizens may play in the global food economy. Lawrence Woodward, director of the Elm Farm Research Centre in Berkshire, United Kingdom, brought his perspective from that leading institution of organic

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Taste for Learning

Former special ed. teacher Don White (left) heads the school’s Garden Project with teacher Steve Tanguay. Lack and Ward photo. By Larry Lack and Lee Ann Ward © 2005. For information about reproducing this article, please contact the authors. “We love being in the garden and really look forward to it. This is the funnest

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Slow Food

By Jo Anne Bander © 2005. For information about reproducing this article, please contact the author. Eliot Coleman of Four Season Farm in Harborside, a regular participant in the public dialogue on locally grown, seasonal produce, faced a room overflowing with individuals in blue jeans, silk saris, turbans, African batiks-and earphones. The subject was Mass

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Lawrence Woodward Lawrence Woodward is the director of the Elm Farm Research Centre, in Berkshire, UK, a world leader in organic agriculture research and education. His topic is the relationship of soil quality to food quality, and the importance for the organic movement to make this connection in the public’s mind. (Lawrence Woodward has worked

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