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Experts Talk Soil at MOFGA Meetings

By Jean English Jerry Brunetti is the managing director of Agri-Dynamics, a soil and animal health consulting company that also markets holistic remedies for animals in Easton, Pennsylvania. At MOFGA and Cooperative Extension’s Farmer to Farmer Conference in November, he spoke about improving soil chemistry and soil health through diversified cropping systems and amendments. Working

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Organic Seed Sources

Updated February 10, 2022   MOFGA makes no claims about quality of seeds produced.Note that many suppliers produce both organic and conventional seeds. Field Crop Seeds Albert Lea Seed HouseAlbert Lea, Blaine’s Best Seeds, LLCRugby, ND701-776-6023 Blue River HybridsKelley, Falk’s Seed FarmMurdock, Great Harvest OrganicsAtlanta, IN Green Haven Open Pollinated Seed GroupAvoca,

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Fruits and Vegetables

On this page find pest reports, fact sheets, and contact information for MOFGA’s organic crop specialists for any other questions! Pest Reports 2019 Reports 2018 Reports 2017 Reports 2016 Reports 2015 Reports 2014 Reports 2013 Reports Fruit and Vegetable Fact Sheets Technical Bulletin 1: Basics of Organic Vegetable Gardening (PDF) Fact Sheet 1: An Organic

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On this page find resources, reports, and contact information for MOFGA’s organic dairy and livestock specialists! Information about Homeopathy Click on the images above to view or download homeopathic recommendations for livestock Beyond Arnica Homeopathic Treatment of Acute Disease Homeopathic Resource List The Use of Homeopathy in Chronic Disease Fact Sheets Transitioning to Organic: Sheep

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Field Crops

Fact Sheets Fact Sheet 1: An Organic Farmers’ Guide to the Interpretation of a Standard Soil Test from the University of Maine (Download PDF 272K) Fact Sheet 8: Providing Nitrogen to Crops (Download PDF 200K) Fact Sheet 10: Using Green Manures (Download PDF 128K) Fact Sheet 11: Natural Sources of Plant Nutrients (Download PDF 112K)

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Broccolini what’s in a name

  Broccolini. Photo by Jonathan Mitschele June 1, 2020 By Jonathan Mitschele Last April I bought a peat tray of six seedlings labeled “sprouting broccoli” because no ordinary broccoli was available, and I transplanted the seedlings into my garden. I also had a packet of Piracicaba “non-heading broccoli” seed that I had bought a year

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Dealing with Pest Animals in the Organic Garden

By Will Bonsall Note: Certified organic producers should check with their certifier before using any pesticides (including pest repellents) not mentioned on their organic farm plan. When using pesticides on crops grown commercially and intended for human consumption, an applicator’s license may be required. See One of the main problems with growing the foods we

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Mainers Contribute to Maine Bumble Bee Atlas

Orange-belted Bumble Bee (Bombus ternarius) on a dandelion. Photo by Leif Richardson Selene Frohmberg looking for bumble bees from the bow of a canoe. Photo by Eric Frohmberg Eric Frohmberg with his bee collecting kit. Photo courtesy of the Frohmbergs Selene Frohmberg collecting in a remote area. Photo by Eric Frohmberg By Tim King On a

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American Beech

  A beech tree severely affected by beech bark disease. Postharvest view of a gap created during winter 2020 firewood cutting. Slash has been cut small and will decompose over the next few years; think of it as fertilizer for the next generation of trees. First flush of shiitake mushrooms on beech logs after a spring rain

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lath for weed and moisture control

  Photo 1.   Photo 2. June 1, 2020 By Jonathan Mitschele Photos by the author The older plaster walls in my 1850s farmhouse were made by spreading wet plaster on a framework of thin wood strips, or laths. I don’t know what folks shopping at Home Depot or the like buy lath for today,

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