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Bhopal Revisited

Bhopal Update: April 20, 2000 By Terry Allan Remember Bhopal? The site of the worst chemical industrial disaster in history? I will never forget it. The tragedy of Bhopal put me on a path of questioning our agricultural systems that dramatically changed my world view and led to my decision to become an organic farmer.

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Selling Eggs? Know the Regs

By Diane Schivera, M.A.T. Selling organic eggs in Maine requires knowing the regulations for licensing, certification, labeling, etc. Here’s a summary of some of those rules, with links to more extensive information. Licensing and Labeling If you raise fewer than 3,000 laying hens, you don’t need a license or inspection from the Maine Department of

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The branch collar is the wrinkled-looking tissue where one branch joins another or joins the trunk of a tree. English photo. By C.J. Walke As the ground freezes and winter takes hold, our fruit trees become dormant and settle in for their own winter’s nap. The trees may be dormant and we may spend more

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Harvest Kitchen Fall is Garlic Time

‘Phillips’ garlic grown by Roberta Bailey. Rob Lemire photo. By Roberta Bailey For me, the Common Ground Fair is a continuing conversation that winds through each day and back over 30 years or more. As a celebration of rural living, it draws together many creative minds, and I try to keep my days open enough

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What are the Benefits? By Eric Sideman, Ph.D., MOFGA Director of Technical Services When I started to write this article, I couldn’t help thinking about the quote from an election campaign a few years back that went, “It’s the economy …”. Well, here I have come up with, “It’s the environment …”. Even though numerous

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By Diane Shivera On October 18 Henrietta Beaufait, D.V.M., of Albion, gave a well attended workshop in Unity on the principles of homeopathy (which led to a lively discussion about vaccinations) and on the value of understanding the Materia Medica. For those of you using homeopathy to heal your animals, we are organizing a study

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… and Lack of IPM and Applicator Training If you suspected that your kids were being exposed to pesticides in their schools, your hunch was probably right. A survey of Maine schools earlier this year showed widespread pesticide use, without notice to parents and kids, often without application by a licensed professional (a violation of

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Tomato Seeds

By Nicolas Lindholm Supported primarily through a grant from the Maine Dept. of Agriculture, this article is the first of five covering some of the most commonly produced and potentially most profitable seed crops being grown by small-scale organic and biodynamic farmers in the Northeast. The information comes from almost 30 farms in New England

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Grow Your Own Lingonberries

Lingonberry drawing by Toki Oshima By Roberta Bailey Until recently, the only place that I had heard about lingonberries was on the back page ad of the newspaper’s comic section. The ad promised bushels of berries and great fortune in no time at all, and with little labor. I did have to act quickly though,

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By Ellie MacDougall This colorful herb and decorative plant began its journey into our gardens and onto our tables from the land of the Incas – the cool mountains of Peru. Spanish conquerors became acquainted with it in the sixteenth century, and packed its large, wrinkled seeds to bring home with them. In turn, English

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