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Temple Grandin

by Jean English “I’m a visual thinker and somebody who really notices details,” said Dr. Temple Grandin at the annual meeting of the Maine Grass Farmers Network in August. “I think totally in pictures,” she added. The packed room at MOFGA’s Common Ground Education Center in Unity had come to hear how this autistic person’s

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Cold Frames

At the Small Farm Field Day in Unity, Russ Libby demonstrated growing crops in a cold frame that has a folding top. English photo. By Jean English Russ Libby, MOFGA’s executive director, has been growing garden crops in cold frames – “one of my favorite tools” – for about 18 years. His first frames consisted

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by Melissa White Pillsbury For many farmers, time spent figuring out where and how to sell farm products is not their favorite task; but profitable sales are a must for a successful, long-term business. Spending time in winter preparing for the coming season can alleviate much of the displeasure some associate with marketing and recordkeeping.

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Members of the Back Bay Garden Club of Boston decorate Christmas wreaths as a fundraiser. Profits are used to make grants and to help care for and replant trees in the Back Bay. By Norma Jane Langford Photos by the author If you live near an urban or suburban population, decorating and selling Christmas wreaths

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Growing Medicinal Herbs and Flowers for the Plant Pollinators

By Deb Soule I have often wondered where plant pollinators, such as bumblebees and hummingbirds, sleep during the night. Recently, while gathering fresh calendula flowers the evening before a tropical storm was to hit, I began seeing individual bumblebees nestled inside dozens of calendula blossoms, as if someone had told them it was time to

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Hoop Houses

Chris Cavendish, who was MOFGA’s farmer-in-residence at the time, talked about some of his favorite tools at the Small Farm Field Day in Unity last July. English photo. By Jean English Chris Cavendish, who was MOFGA’s farmer-in-residence for the past two years, talked about his experiences growing crops in and out of a hoop house

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Grower Caterer

An array of tasty, colorful, locally grown tomatoes served with various types of basil is one specialty of Swan’s Way Catering. Sean Carnell photo. by Kay Stephens Each tomato has its own fascinating shape – mottled, bumpy, smooth – with harmonizing colors every hue of red, brown, orange and yellow. With names like ‘Striped Stuffer,’

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New Zealand

Heather and Francis Young grow an abundance of food on their 3 acres in the Bay of Plenty district in New Zealand. Laura Sayre photo. Part of the herb and vegetable garden is in raised beds. Laura Sayre photo. A low-maintenance part of the Youngs’ landscape. Laura Sayre photo. Life on the far side of

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Lloyd Ferriss, a longtime gardener from Richmond, takes a break from picking in the organic garden he and his wife, Jane Frost, grew for their local food pantry. Jim Ferriss photo. by Lloyd Ferriss We’ve all heard the old saw, “Grow a row for the hungry.” Last spring my wife, Jane Frost, and I turned

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Tips Tidbits

Homemade lettuce seed mix. English photo. Custom Lettuce Seed Mix Managing Blight on Tomatoes Seeking Rare Ladybugs Controlling Fruit Flies in the Home The Recycled Garden Goats and Cattle Graze Together Mechanical Methods Reduce Weed Seedbank Rolling and Crimping Cover Crops Festulolium Rotation? Make Your Own Custom Lettuce Seed Mix If you have several packets

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