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Butter: A Wholesome Food

By Roberta Bailey Some of my most vivid childhood memories pertain to butter: making butter in kindergarten, Pilot crackers (4-inch-round crackers with flavor similar to oyster crackers) spread with butter at my grandmother’s house, buttering my hands to form popcorn balls, and making scrambled eggs with butter in seventh grade home economics class (I had

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Maine Organic Dairy Farms Offered New Market Opportunity

On Monday March 7, representatives from organic dairy farms, the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) and Organic Valley Cooperative met, and 11 farms were offered letters of intent from Organic Valley to supply the cooperative with organic milk. This is an encouraging step in the journey of these farms, and 69 others throughout

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Ripples in the Milk Pail

By Jacki Martinez Perkins The recent news that Danone, owner of Horizon Organic, has made the decision to withdraw from the Northeast, to focus on sourcing their fluid milk from larger producers in the West, has the potential to shake the moorings of Maine agriculture. Our beautiful and rural state holds the potential to provide

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Maine Milk Mavens Model Creative Approach to Local Cheese Distribution

by Tim King Maine Milk Mavens, of Whitefield, Maine, has expanded rapidly since its founding in March 2020. Prior to then Jessie Dowling and her crew were milking goats and sheep at Fuzzy Udder Creamery, also in Whitefield, and selling milk, cheese and related products through farmers’ markets, restaurants, grocery stores and specialty shops throughout

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Raw Milk Makes a Comeback in Maine

By Craig Idlebrook Copyright 2006 Judging from the laws on the books, the government must view raw milk as a greater threat to public health than tobacco or alcohol. Federal law technically outlaws all interstate sale of raw milk, and many states ban its sale completely. Maine laws are more lenient but not altogether welcoming.

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