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Horse Drawn Future

Kenneth Copp prepares his horse Melody and his buggy – more time-consuming than turning a key and stepping on the gas pedal, but also less polluting. English photos. By Kenneth Copp Late one winter morning in March, I pulled in to the Belfast Co-op parking lot with our faithful horse Melody and one of our

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Searsport Shores

This craft building is a fairly recent addition to the campground. Campers enjoy classes and projects here, as do participants in the September Fiber College. English photo. By Jean English Searsport Shores Ocean Campground in Searsport, Maine, doesn’t have paved roads, TV, streetlights or video games. Nor swimming pools, water parks or miniature golf. The

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Sheepscot General

Ben Marcus and Taryn Hammer, co-founders of Sheepscot General, stand in front of the store sign with their dog Oslo. Shawn Hickey photo. By Holli Cederholm Taryn Hammer and Ben Marcus opened the doors of their Sheepscot General at Uncas Farms in Whitefield, Maine, in 2011 after a winter spent remodeling an already storied space.

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Uproot Pie Company

Chef Jessica Shepard with the Uproot Pie Company wood-fired oven, which travels to farmers’ markets in Camden, Rockland and Union to sell pizza. Elizabeth Thomas photo. By Polly Shyka Imagine a harborside park where you could stroll through tents overflowing with produce grown by your favorite local farmers. Add to that the smell of pizza

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Veggies for All: Relieving Hunger in Local Communities

Tim Libby, project manager for Veggies for All, transplants cabbage seedlings at the host site, Unity College. Jesse Pyles photo. By Holli Cederholm On the third Saturday of every month, a well-traveled road in Unity, Maine, becomes obstructed with heavier than usual traffic as clients of the Volunteer Regional Food Pantry line up to receive

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American Plains Indians As Farmers

John Eastman’s “Guarding the Cornfields” shows Indian women scaring birds away from the crop. The Dream That Might Have Been By John Koster American Mythology 101 holds that the Plains Indians had to be subdued and constrained to reservations because they were too proud or too lazy to take up farming. The myth permeates Hollywood

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Peggy Schuler and her husband, Ken, started Axis Natural Foods in 1970. The store, now in Auburn, continues to be an important resource for healthful products. Maine’s Longest-Operating Health Food Store By Rebecca Goldfine When Peggy Schuler started out in the business of selling organic and natural food in the early 1970s, officials in Maine

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Cooperative Gardening in Northport

Ocean Glimpse gardeners enjoy the onion and corn harvest. From left to right in front, Wendy Meacham, Susan Pierce, Rossi Meacham, Sean Meacham; on the deck, Roger and Regina Knight with corn. Photo by Judy Berk. By Jane Lamb When one of the highlights of summer is a bunch of grownups sitting on a deck

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John Bunker

John Bunker finds and saves heirloom varieties of apples in Maine; his dog, Tessa, keeps deer away from the orchard. Jane Lamb photo. “To Be of Value While I’m Here” By Jane Lamb “Core and slice thickly, with skin. Fry in pork fat. Add water as necessary till soft. Then add ‘a few dollops’ of

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Louise Payson She is considered a pioneer of American landscape architecture. Her prominence in the “Golden Age of American gardens” was acknowledged in some of the leading publications of her time. As a woman practicing in what historically had been a male-dominated field, she helped redefine the character and qualities that established the distinctiveness of

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