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Local Food System

Company Profile: Barrels Community Market By Melissa White Pillsbury The buzz in the food scene lately has been “locally grown” – and even though the nature of buying your food locally from “farms with a face” goes against the predominant commodity-based supply system of supermarket chains and national food brands, it’s not stopping many of

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Edie Johnston and her son, Geo, have started Eldertide Pharm and Maine Medicinals in Dresden to develop medicinal products from organic elderberries and other antioxidant-rich berries that grow in Maine. Photo by Tina Fisher-Dark. By Rebecca Goldfine Edie Johnston is the kind of entrepreneur who doesn’t just focus on one idea. Instead, she’s cultivating several

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Food Stamps

By Melissa White Pillsbury Being largely self-employed and self-sufficient, diversified farmers as a whole may be faring better than average in this harsh economic climate. But numbers don’t lie – it’s tough out there for many Americans, and Maine is no exception. According to the most recent data available from the USDA Food and Nutrition

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by Elizabeth Henderson Elizabeth Henderson gave the keynote speech at MOFGA’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Conference on Feb. 21, 2009. Henderson is a CSA pioneer, farmer (at Peacework Organic Farm in Newark, New York) and author of Sharing the Harvest: a Citizen’s Guide to CSA. I am delighted to be in the People’s Republic of

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Tasting Apples

Sharon Tisher of MOFGA’s board of directors and Russ Libby, MOFGA’s executive director, tasted apple samples that John Bunker provided at a MOFGA retreat last fall. Their ratings were combined with those of others to help Bunker identify some of the tastiest apples that grow in Maine. English photos. By John Bunker As coordinator of

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Land Trusts

Definitions Land trusts are non-profit organizations that protect land directly by buying it, accepting it as a donation or acquiring a partial interest called a conservation easement that allows the land trust to protect the conservation values of the land forever. Land trusts have taken up where government left off preserving land, largely in the

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Organic Dairy

Switching from conventional to organic dairying, partly by reducing herd size, helped save the Bragg Homestead farm in Sidney. Wayne Bragg talks about the transition to organic as his cows eat silage in this outdoor lot. English photo. By Jean English “Organic is not business as usual,” says Wayne Bragg, an organic dairy farmer in

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Fredda Paul harvests red willow (Cornus stolonifera) in the spring. Leslie Wood photo. By Fredda Paul with Leslie Wood Paul Fredda Paul, Passamaquoddy tribal member, practices Indian traditional medicine as first learned from his grandmother. He and Leslie work together harvesting, making medicine and helping people return to the old ways of healing. Contact them

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Inch by Inch

By John Hershey For us gardeners, the approach of spring is a most exciting time. It’s not that we don’t enjoy the winter, with its time away from the garden to rest and recharge. After a busy autumn of harvesting the garden’s bounty, winter offers time for quiet contemplation. Perhaps we have, in fact, a

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Morrill Farm

Morrill Farm is a true family farm, with three generations working together. Here Holly and Dan Perron pose with their five children, left to right: Grace, Laura, Celine, Christian and Catherine. One enterprise on the farm is presenting “living history” events for groups, in which generations of Morrills who started the farm, and their lifestyle,

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