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Wrinkle in Thyme

Mary Ann Haxton holds two handmade pegs in one hand while pointing out the hole where a peg will go. Joyce White photo. By Joyce White Serendipity guided the women at Wrinkle in Thyme Farm in Sumner, Maine, to discover WAgN when they were new farmers and WAgN was a new organization. Marty Elkin and

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Farming Across Generations

Beth Schiller’s childhood dreams of becoming a farmer are becoming a reality, thanks in part to her business partnership with experienced grower Ted Sparrow. Photo by Alice Torbert. By Alice Torbert Something is seriously rotten in the state of Maine agriculture. We may fly a flag with a farmer on it, but farmland acreage is

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Redefining the Family Farm

Griffin and Maura sort potatoes. Photo by Seth Kroeck. By Marada Cook Copyright ©2006 by the author The concept of “socializing kids into farming” competes with a process of “externalizing” farm families and communities that has been happening in New England since the 1800s. Crystal Spring Community Farm in Brunswick, Maine, may be inverting these trends. Crystal

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Prince, formerly used in pulling contests, was rescued by Bruce (right) and now lives the good life with a family of horses on the farm of Jay (left) and Suzanne Philoon.  Photo by Suzanne Philoon. by Suzanne Philoon This is the story of a Prince, perhaps more than one; and like many good stories this

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John Jemison

John Jemison says that his relationship to food changed dramatically during a sabbatical spent in Italy. He works to get more local, healthful food on more Mainers’ tables, and encourages people to slow down and enjoy their food. The GE-Bt Issue by Rhonda Tate “What are we going to do when Wal-Mart doesn’t exist anymore?”

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Betty Weir

Betty Weir. Photo courtesy of Mary Weir. by Julia Davis One August morning a few months before her death, Betty Weir spoke to me emphatically about the importance of young people learning to grow food and about what she had accomplished independently over her lifetime. Remembering Betty after her death to cancer last year, those

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Article & photos by Arion ThiboumeryContempt for hierarchical power and hope for self-sufficiency first brought people to the open prairie. Today those inherited sentiments have some residents renouncing the national food production and distribution system, charging that it is inequitable, delivers largely ho-hum products, decreases food safety, and disconnects farmers from the people eating their

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Sharon Tisher

Sharon Tisher has stepped down from MOFGA’s board of directors but remains involved in the organization’s public policy committee. She is also president of the board of the Natural Resources Council of Maine. English photo. After a dozen years on the MOFGA board of directors, Sharon Tisher has stepped down. She’ll remain involved in our

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Wolf Pine Farm

Amy Sprague, Tom Harms and their daughter, Delia, amidst a lush crop of broccoli at Wolf Pine Farm in Alfred, Maine. As a CSA farm with apprentices, Wolf Pine not only produces food but educates many people, as well. Christine Hull photo. by Christine Hull © 2005. For information about reproducing this article, please contact

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