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Anniversary Farm Finds Its Balance

Ellin and Stephen Sheehy have a diversified farm with a bed and breakfast in Alna. Lamb photo. By Jane Lamb Imagine giving and receiving a little piece of Eden as a 25th anniversary present. Adam and Eve never had it so good. But Ellin and Stephen Sheehy did just that when they bought an old

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New Beat Farm

Adrienne Lee and Ken Lamson farm to a new beat – with a combination of horse and human power. Photos courtesy of New Beat Farm. Young Farmers Integrate Horse Power into a Modern System By Holli Cederholm Farming with horses requires a different rhythm, attest Adrienne Lee and Ken Lamson while reflecting on the name

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Pietree Apple Orchard

Scott Miller sorting apples into bags for sale inside the sales building. Joyce White photo. By Joyce White   Maine Apple Day at Pietree Orchard in Sweden was a lively celebration of apples. Shelves were lined with crisp, just-picked apples, and trees were loaded with ripe pick-your-own fruit. Visitors enjoyed freshly pressed apple cider, apple

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Lisa Turner

Lisa Turner stands among her tomatoes in July. Lamb photo. By Jane Lamb Like many another organic true believer, Lisa Turner was captivated by the prospect of year-round fresh veggies as promised in Eliot Coleman’s Four Season Gardening. “It’s a fabulous book for families,” she says. “If you want to have your own little greenhouse,

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Tofu and Tempeh, Made in Maine

Maho Hisakawa and Jeff Wolovitz and their daughter Ina. Photo by Polly Shyka. Heiwa Tofu production facility at the Knox Mill in Camden. Photo by Polly Shyka. By Polly Shyka Soybeans are not a traditional Maine crop. Most are grown in the Midwest and are a key ingredient in animal feeds. According to the USDA,

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Curra Family Farm

Peter Curra at the Common Ground Country Fair Farmers’ Market. English photo Celebrating Five Decades of Farming By Holli Cederholm Peter and Susan Curra are not from Maine, although they have been farming here long enough that no one thinks otherwise. The farm and family history is rooted in Massachusetts soil, where they met, married,

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Shalom Orchard

Charlotte Young and Jim Baranski offer a diversity of crops and products at Shalom Orchard in Franklin, Maine. Jane Lamb photo. By Jane Lamb Not many turkeys, organic or otherwise, can enjoy a 360-degree view of scenic Hancock County and beyond, from the Schoodic hills to the east, the Acadia mountains to the south, the

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Ben Wilcox

Ben and Song with a spectacular morning glory in front of their home. All photos by Jane Lamb. By Jane Lamb Faithful patrons of the Camden Farmers’ Market were disappointed to learn in May that Ben Wilcox and his partner, Song Emery, would no longer be there purveying fresh organic produce from Part ‘n Parcel

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Treble Ridge Farm

Rufus Percy, with Lowell on board, treats sows to a cool shower on a hot July day. English photo. By Jean English Treble Ridge Farm in Whitefield is a MOFGA-certified-organic, diversified farm – and one of an increasing number of MOFGA farms to include, in various ways, multiple generations and a supportive agricultural community. Owners

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Examples of Amish Family Enterprise

Horses power woodworking tools and a grain mill at the Copps’ family farm in Thorndike. Holli Cederholm photo. Living Grains Bakery and Locust Grove Woodworks By Holli Cederholm Kenneth and Katie Copp moved their Old Order Amish Mennonite family, and their family business, to Thorndike, Maine, just over a year after Amish families started settling

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