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Clovercrest Farm

Organic dairy farmers Steve and Mia Morrison in their barn. Photo by Kate Morrison. Second Generation Morrison Farmers Profit from Organic Dairy By Rhonda Houston On a clear, crisp day in January, hundreds of dairy farmers convened in Augusta to convince legislators that they cannot keep up their current way of life. They are drowning

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Evanses Garden

This is the house that Eric Evans built, with bee balm gracing the dooryard. English photo. American Chestnuts, Daylilies, Vegetables and Friends By Jean English Laura and Eric Evans seem to have lived a life comprised of one fascinating project after another. The community garden – or, more accurately, community of friends garden – that

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Corinne Martin Herbalist

Corinne Martin points out celandine, a medicinal plant with several anti-tumor properties. The flower has four yellow petals that are not as shiny as those of buttercup, and its leaves differ from those of buttercup. Photo by Joyce White. By Joyce White Corinne Martin began learning about the use of herbs in healing in response

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Detail of a Beehive mosaic. Even good color photos give only a rough idea of the actual appearance of Beehive Collective mosaics, especially larger ones. Black and white photos of the mosaics are even more misleading. “No photo does justice to their work,” says MOFGA board member Sharon Tisher. If possible, interested readers should try

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Crossroads Farm

Seeing the Hand of God Every Day by Larry Lack Bonnie and Arnold Pearlman have been farming organically in Jonesport for 34 years. They can’t recall what year they were first certified by MOFGA, but Arnold says they were “among the very first.” The Pearlmans found their 20 acres of woods and blueberry barrens in

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Hedgehog Hill Farm

by Joyce White Many people first visit Hedgehog Hill Farm for the widely advertised, free “Sundays in the Garden at 2.” Every Sunday afternoon from mid-June through August, the public is invited to stroll through the lush gardens and hear a lecture about some aspect of gardening at the 200-acre farm in the small, western

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Michael (and Grace) Phillips (center, on bench) discuss apples after lunch at Francis Fenton’s farm. This was the last of five orcharding classes offered by MOFGA last summer. Photo by Russell Libby. John Bunker talks apples. Photo by Russell Libby. By Russell Libby MOFGA’s 2004 Organic Orcharding series concluded with a visit to Francis Fenton’s

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Barnes Barnes

Verda Barnes, at age 100, heads a four-generation dairy farm in Albion that is now organic and that provides all of the milk for the Common Kitchen at the Common Ground Country Fair. Verda may be the oldest dairy farmer in Maine. Photo by Marvel Hutchins. By Nan Brucker The Common Kitchen staff needs a

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Forty-year-old Golden Delicious trees thrive in this 26-acre orchard that sits 1200 feet above the Pacific Ocean, close enough for avid surfer Stuart Beck and his family to make a quick run to the beach. Lamb photo. By Jane Lamb I met Stuart Beck’s apples before I met the grower himself. In the midst of

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Vivianne Holmes, Ph.D. a University of Maine extension educator, has a small farm in Buckfield where she raises Christmas trees, livestock and various crops. She also helped start the Women’s Agricultural Network. Joyce White photo. By Joyce White As a result of her innovative thinking and can-do spirit, Vivianne Holmes, Ph.D., has helped birth the

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