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Marsh River Food Coop

The Marsh River Food Coop, near the intersection of Routes 7 and 139 in Brooks, offers local products whenever possible. English photos Local produce on display in late October New Member and Producer Coop is a Model for Other Coops By Jon Walsh Set amid a series of low, forested hills, Brooks, Maine, has long

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Huey Coleman

Huey Coleman filming John Bunker collecting wild apples, for Coleman’s next documentary, “Henry David Thoreau: Surveyor of the Soul.” Photo by Judy Wentzell By Abbey Verrier In April 2014, Huey Coleman arrived at MOFGA’s Maine Heritage Orchard, camera in hand and ready to film. It was our first planting day, and a big group of

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Many Hands Farm

Nyla Bravesnow of Many Hands Farm in Thorndike picks rose hips. Many Hands focuses on homesteading and permaculture on 2 cultivated acres. Photo by Sue Smith-Heavenrich. By Sue Smith-Heavenrich If you visit Many Hands Farm in Thorndike, the first thing you notice is the abundance of flowers: sunflowers, coneflowers, beebalm and calendula. Lots of calendula.

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Rediscovering the Family Farm

Toki Oshima drawing. By Grace Oedel My husband and I recently moved in with my in-laws with the intention of farming family land. I wish I could say this was a smooth, easy process, but we all struggled. We were unused to what it meant to live together. We had differing expectations about how to

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Ridge Tillage at Hackmatack Farm

Photo 1 – The ridge tillage system used at Hackmatack Farm essentially means we grow crops in single-row raised beds. Photo 2 – Onions in July. Photo 3 – Forming ridges in the spring. Photo 4 – Ridged soil in the spring Figure 1 – Depending on the crop, either one, two or three rows

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The Legendary American Chestnut

Kendra Gurney, The American Chestnut Foundation New England regional breeding coordinator, with chestnut seedlings after one year of growth, in a seed orchard in Winthrop. Photo by Eric Evans. By Jeanne Siviski Renowned Maine poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow implies resilience with his words, “Under a spreading chestnut tree.” Folklore tells of a squirrel byway from

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The Multitalented Sidemans

Eric and Becky Sideman in a rare moment of sitting – on a granite boulder in the middle of one pasture. The 80- by 100-foot garden in spring. Vegetables are rotated between this garden and the smaller one near the house. Text and photos by Jean English Many of us know Eric and Becky Sideman

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Aaron Anker (left) and Nat Pierce have brought GrandyOats to award-winning fame. By Joyce White Photos courtesy of GrandyOats GrandyOats has managed something noteworthy in Maine – creating a successful organic food business worthy of the 2013 Producer of the Year Award by the Maine Grocers Association and Food Producers Alliance while maintaining its organic

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Fire Fly Farm

Billi Baker serves hot, ready-to-eat crepes at the Belfast and Orono Farmers’ Markets. The fillings change each week, inspired by the season. Holli Cederholm photo. By Holli Cederholm Personal chef, artisan baker and farm-to-fork caterer Billi Barker celebrates her love of farming through her food. The Enchanted Kitchen, the business name for Barker’s many culinary

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