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Flavored Vinegars

Toki Oshima drawing By Roberta Bailey Summer is winding to a close. Even as the days cool, we scramble to pack in a few more picnics, one last long swim, and another slice of watermelon. In the garden, the race is on to ripen the remaining green tomatoes, pick the late sweet corn, bring in

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Harvest Kitchen: Growing Rice in Central Maine

Roberta Bailey grew ‘Duborskian’ rice in Maine in the summer of 2010 and displayed it in the Common Ground Country Fair Exhibition Hall. English photo. By Roberta Bailey I grew rice this year! And I actually harvested mature rice heads. The entire process entertained me all summer. It has been ages since I grew something

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By Cheryl A. Wixson When the skies turn a dark, mottled gray and the clouds start to scurry as the winds pick up from the northeast, my heart flutters. As the elegant spruce trees bend into swirling white snowflakes and our lights flicker, my taste buds quiver. There’s a winter gale coming: time for a

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Harvest Kitchen Lingonberries

Toki Oshima drawing By Roberta Bailey While visiting a friend and touring his high bush blueberry patch, I was taken by the thick understory of shiny leaved plants covered in small red berries. Lingonberries, he informed me, then went on to explain that this cranberry-blueberry relative made a great second crop in an area where

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Harvest Kitchen Fall is Garlic Time

‘Phillips’ garlic grown by Roberta Bailey. Rob Lemire photo. By Roberta Bailey For me, the Common Ground Fair is a continuing conversation that winds through each day and back over 30 years or more. As a celebration of rural living, it draws together many creative minds, and I try to keep my days open enough

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By Roberta Bailey Every season has its soups. In summer, soup is light, often fruity or chilled. Autumn brings us corn and tomatoes and minestrone. In winter, soup is at its best; slowly cooked beans and grains and root vegetables offer warmth and satisfaction. And spring is a fickle time, one day a dark onion

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Simply Grande

Toki Oshima drawing By Roberta Bailey I have such gratitude toward Jean Ann Pollard. She has been a guide and inspiration to me in the kitchen since 1987, when she published The New Maine Cooking. Until then, I would go to the garden or the root cellar, choose vegetables for the day, then thumb through

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Joys of Local Seasonal Organic Eating

Cut and simmer rhubarb to extract the juice, then sweeten it, add other fruit juices to it and can it for later use. English photo. By Cheryl Wixson Note: Many recipes mentioned in this column are posted at One of the joys of local, seasonal, organic eating is anticipating the bounty of summer. Once

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Harvest Kitchen Cucumber Craze

‘Shuyo Long’ cucumbers growing in a hoophouse. English photo. By Roberta Bailey Cucumbers are back in style. They are all the rage! Haven’t you noticed? Hmm … maybe it’s just in my backyard or in my mind. Or maybe the buzz just hasn’t reached your town yet. But more likely, I am just catching up

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Toki Oshima drawing By Roberta Bailey The first year that I lived in Maine, I gardened on a neighboring farm. Along with plowing up the plot, the farmers showed me how to turn the heel of a knitted sock and how to make pickles. We picked an impressively large patch of cucumbers, washed them and

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