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Hannah Ineson

Here’s a memory from Hannah Ineson: “Back in the 1980s, my business partner Susan Hamill and I operated the Way of Life Center, a macrobiotic store and center in Waldoboro. For three years we had a booth or two at the Common Ground Country Fair. We also had a breakfast booth for workers, which was

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Diana Prizio

Here’s a memory from Diana Prizio: “The second year of the Fair, in Litchfield, I worked with Allen Powell making and selling tacos. That year, I also met Carol and Eric Hammond and Jack Kertesz. Over the 3 to 4 days that year, Carol and I brainstormed about the need for a kitchen facility that

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Kate Dean

Here’s a memory from Kate Dean: “In 1976, Albie Barden called a group of people together to make natural foods at county fairs around the state of Maine. I was between college years, and ready for a summer job that didn’t involve living at home. We had two teams: Jo and me, and two others,

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Daaby Tingle

Here’s a memory from Daaby Tingle: “My introduction to MOFGA was in 1975 when my family moved from Illinois to Camden and my mother and stepfather, Beedy and Dick Parker, joined MOFGA’s Knox County chapter. The chapter had monthly meetings in Thomaston which consisted of a potluck and, to my 12-year -old self, a mind-numbingly

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Laurie and Jack Davis

Here’s a memory from Laurie and Jack Davis: “We went to the Common Ground Fair back when our twin sons were 6 or 7 years old (1990-91). They loved it. They tried walking on wooden stilts. One of the boys got the hang of it very quickly. His brother, however, just couldn’t figure out how

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Jennifer McKendry

Here’s a memory from Jennifer McKendry of Hallowell, Maine: “I’ve gone to the Fair every year except for two or three. I’ve sloshed through downpours, tramped through mud,  inched along on the Unity roads, and been burned by the sun, but never once have I been deterred by anything less than a funeral. I soak

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Roberta Bailey

Here’s a memory from Roberta Bailey: “My involvement with MOFGA came because there was, at the time, the tri-county chapter of MOFGA. [It] was fairly active and I became quite active in it [in] 1976 to about the mid to late 80s. And the tri-county chapter, we could have monthly meetings, sometimes they would be

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Helen York

Here’s a memory from Helen York: “Years ago, when we had over a hundred wool sheep, and when I had the skills and speed and stamina to handspin much of the wool we grew into yarn, we would sell our yarn and fleeces and spinning equipment from an old arch-top converted 1930s french-fry trailer. It

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Buffie Whittaker

Here’s a memory from Buffie Whittaker: “I am writing to you on behalf of my father, Francis ‘Eli’ Whittaker. MOFGA meant a lot to my father. He passed away in July 2020. As far back as I can remember my father always had a passion for the outdoors and especially gardening. From growing his plants

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Beedy Parker

Here’s a memory from Beedy Parker: “I thought the Social Action [area] was really important to have at the Fair – that that was partly what the “Common Ground” was about. And so, I sort of wanted a parade that would unite the Fair in some way, and that could be for the children and

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