Laurie and Jack Davis

Blake Davis in Matamoros last year. Courtesy of Laurie Davis

Here’s a memory from Laurie and Jack Davis:

“We went to the Common Ground Fair back when our twin sons were 6 or 7 years old (1990-91). They loved it. They tried walking on wooden stilts. One of the boys got the hang of it very quickly. His brother, however, just couldn’t figure out how to maneuver his feet on those long wooden poles. The attendant/instructor patiently showed our little guy what to do, providing encouragement with each attempt. This man would not give up on our son. He worked with him for the better part of an hour until our son succeeded. Blake was so proud! We will always remember the man who showed unwavering patience and confidence in our son. Today Blake is a paramedic who travels to crisis sites around the world providing medical care and clean water. He recently returned to Matamoros, Mexico, to care for the asylum seekers. Whoever the man was who stayed with Blake until he could experience success gave him the seeds of confidence that enabled him to do what he does today at age 36. That man’s nature made all the difference in the world to our little boy. We, his parents, are forever grateful.

P.S. When we got home from the Fair, their dad made them each a pair of stilts so they could keep on walking up high.”

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