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Elisabeth Green

Here’s a memory from Elisabeth Green: “I’m a semi-retired worker with a disability who lives in Boston and I have attended two Common Ground Fairs and numerous educational symposia sponsored by MOFGA. I met the Sheds when we three stayed at Friends Camp in China, ME. They were long-time attendees of the Common Ground Fair

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Margie Shannon

Here’s a memory from Margie Shannon: “I have been interested in flax since I as 8. When I became an adult I grew it, got tools at flea markets and learned all I could about processing flax. Finally, about 5 years ago I was able to grow, ret, break and hetchel it, and then spin

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Seraphina Erhart 2

Here’s a memory from Seraphina Erhart: “Chris loved the stilts at the fair, later he went on to do a local circus, riding a unicycle and juggling at MDIHS. Chris would volunteer in the children’s area back then, stilts were his favorite but also hammering nails, etc. As a group in our neighborhood we eventually

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Melinda Corey

Here’s a memory from Melinda Corey: “We knew the fair was magical from the first time we attended, when our now 13-year-old was an infant. It’s now our favorite weekend of the year. Living without these past two years has been rough! We’ve developed a tradition of making a weekend of it with some of

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Nicolas Lindholm

Here’s a memory from Nicolas Lindholm: “I really can’t emphasize enough just how significant the impact of MOFGA has been on my life … That’s as a farmer, a gardener and homesteader, and landowner of both prime farmland, wild blueberry land and forest land, and as an eater and consumer … It’s just been such

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Seraphina Erhart

Here’s a memory from Seraphina Erhart: “I was only 10 and not old enough to volunteer yet but I wanted to hang out with my neighbor/childhood friend Jen who was 4 years older, so I would always spend her children’s area shifts with her. Here you can see she had painted my face. A few

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Renee Page

Here’s a memory from Renee Page: “This photo, circa 2010, is of my son, Elijah Page, with then First Lady Karen Baldacci. This was part of his 4-H community service project where he was helping to take tickets at the gate earlier in the day, then served as assistant to the First Lady as she

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Glenn Texter

Here’s a memory from Glenn Texter: “I just wanted to let you know that my mother, Beatrice Texter, also a member of MOFGA, sadly passed away on Wednesday, August 18. Although at 83 years old, she volunteered for the first time at the CGCF handing out the MOFGA Fair newspaper at the Rose Gate. She

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Sue Calhoun

Here’s a memory from Sue Calhoun: “This is Nathan Stewart, at the Fair in 1988. He was 5 years old and had attended the Fair since he was a baby. (His father, Ken Stewart, was an exhibitor.) At the time, he had a fear of clowns. We took him to have his face painted. Then,

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Lynn Plumb

Here’s a memory from Lynn Plumb: “We first attended the fair in 1984. By 1985, Steve was volunteering and soon we all were. Our kids and their cousins grew up at the fair. Each fair is special, but for me the most memorable was 1994.  I was coordinating the Maine AIDS Alliance booth in SPA

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