Melinda Corey

Here’s a memory from Melinda Corey:

Corey kids in the Garden Parade at the Fair in 2019. Photo courtesy of Melinda Corey

“We knew the fair was magical from the first time we attended, when our now 13-year-old was an infant. It’s now our favorite weekend of the year. Living without these past two years has been rough! We’ve developed a tradition of making a weekend of it with some of our best friends. Our kids have grown up together at the fair, looking forward to ribbon fries and pie cones, learning to appreciate all different types of music and Maine culture, saving their spending money to buy items made by other Maine kids, dreaming of being old enough to have their own part in the fair, trying all the different costumes for the Garden Parade over the years. Our kitchen wall is a gallery of our Common Ground Fair posters, reminding us daily of the gift MOFGA is to our state. Some of the sweetest memories of our lives have been made at the fair. We can’t wait to make more!”

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