Seraphina Erhart 2

Here’s a memory from Seraphina Erhart:

“Chris loved the stilts at the fair, later he went on to do a local circus, riding a unicycle and juggling at MDIHS. Chris would volunteer in the children’s area back then, stilts were his favorite but also hammering nails, etc. As a group in our neighborhood we eventually built our own stilts, made pants for them and as seen in this image would just roam around the fair for long stretches. Something our life long friend Obadiah Buell still does! (Both Chris and Obie are well over 6 ft. before stilts!) We all learned and grew each year at the fair as kids and these memories and lessons stay with us today!”


Photo of Chris Greene (on stilts) talking to his dad Jim as he eats pizza. Courtesy of Seraphina Erhart

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