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Emily Perkins

Here’s a memory from Emily Perkins: “My dad and I are stirring the huge pot of split pea soup at the fair. The soup is always delicious but particularly special when the fair weather is rainy. When customers aren’t certain about pea soup, they just ‘give peas a chance.’”

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Beedy Parker

Here’s a memory from Beedy Parker: I think this is more of a history sampling than a “story,” but I miss our old Coastal Knox MOFGA chapter and wish we could bring it back! I think we were introduced to it in about 1976, when it met in a church basement in Thomaston — and

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Catherine Gibson

Here’s a photo from Catherine Gibson: “Here is an old polaroid photo I just found of the Common Kitchen crew. I believe it was 1997, the last year at Windsor.”

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Aaron Anker

Here’s a memory from Aaron Anker, chief granola officer at GrandyOats: “MOFGA has been such an important part of the GrandyOats journey. It is hard to imagine our focus on organic as being possible without MOFGA’s support … We need MOFGA to help achieve our certification and guide us to be a better company. This

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Dwight Gagnon

Here’s a memory from Dwight Gagnon:  “Here’s an image of my great-grandfather in the field at our homestead in Benton, Maine. My mom said that I was the most like my great-grandfather of any of my siblings. I like simple things, good food, nature and peacefulness. My daughter Amy and I still co-own the homestead.

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Carly Giffin

Here’s a memory from Carly Giffin:  “The Common Ground Country Fair usually falls on my mom’s birthday, and it has become our tradition. I celebrate my favorite person at our favorite place.”

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Polly Mahoney

Here’s a memory from Polly Mahoney of the Mahoosuc Guide Service:  “My favorite memories of the Common Ground Country Fair are from when it was in Windsor: I could run my sled dogs around the race track with spectators sitting in the bleachers watching, and I had a big loud speaker to narrate to people.

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The humble Farmer

Here’s a story from The humble Farmer, Robert Skoglund. For decades, Humble, as he’s known to be called, produced a well-known Maine-based radio show. During this time, Humble also staged shows at the Common Ground Fair. Humble said that he misses seeing his friends at the Fair and shared a memory that is characteristic of

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Nat Peirce

Here’s a memory from Nat Peirce, chief operating officer at GrandyOats: “MOFGA has played an important role in my personal and business life since the beginning.  Even before GrandyOats, MOFGA certified organic a piece of land that I was large-scale gardening with my friend in Sweden, Maine. On that property we eventually helped to save

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Nancy Galland

Here’s a memory from Nancy Galland: “1994, Windsor, Maine: Our last farmers’ market at the Common Ground Fair was drowned in three straight days of rain. Saturday was a wash-out. Torrents. Deluge. Ten inches of rain. Lakes formed in front of the booths and vendors were forced to abandon their shelters as the water rose.

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