Nat Peirce

Photo courtesy of GrandyOats

Here’s a memory from Nat Peirce, chief operating officer at GrandyOats:

“MOFGA has played an important role in my personal and business life since the beginning.  Even before GrandyOats, MOFGA certified organic a piece of land that I was large-scale gardening with my friend in Sweden, Maine. On that property we eventually helped to save the last of an heirloom apple tree, the Winn Russet, which is now prominently growing on the fairgrounds. Organic was always important to me and when the opportunity to take GrandyOats all organic became a reality, MOFGA was an essential part of that transition. Every year I worked with inspectors and every year we would spend a long day going through everything but also having many laughs along the way. Everyone that I have worked with at MOFGA has always been wonderful and supportive of GrandyOats, making us proud to put “Certified Organic by MOFGA” on every label and package we produce. There is something unique about Maine and, in my opinion, MOFGA is on the short list of reasons why.”

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