Hannah Ineson

Photo courtesy of Hannah Ineson – 1981 juice booth

Here’s a memory from Hannah Ineson:

“Back in the 1980s, my business partner Susan Hamill and I operated the Way of Life Center, a macrobiotic store and center in Waldoboro. For three years we had a booth or two at the Common Ground Country Fair. We also had a breakfast booth for workers, which was especially fun. Our macro booth did pretty well, considering how few people knew what ‘rice balls with umeboshi paste’ were! We also sold organic fruit juice and an applesauce-like dessert we called “pear crunch,” among other delights. Susan is a creative cook, well known for many years in Midcoast Maine for her delicious macrobiotic food. I assisted in cooking classes and managed our store. Still close friends, we closed the business in 2019. Now in our mid-70s, we both continued in various nutrition and wellness-oriented fields.”

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