Buffie Whittaker

T-Shirt Quilt
Quilt made with the t-shirts collected by Eli

Here’s a memory from Buffie Whittaker:

“I am writing to you on behalf of my father, Francis ‘Eli’ Whittaker. MOFGA meant a lot to my father. He passed away in July 2020. As far back as I can remember my father always had a passion for the outdoors and especially gardening. From growing his plants in the winter months, from seeds to stem, rototilling the garden in the spring to get his plants in the ground – that he had provided so much care and attention through the winter months so they would grow big and strong – to coming home from school with a window sill full of ripe tomatoes, he was always working on his garden. He lived in New England all his life, but his heart and memory will always be in Maine. He moved to Maine around 20 years ago and in that time he really enjoyed attending and volunteering at the Common Ground Fair. [Here is a] picture of the quilt I had made after he passed away. The quilt was made with all the T-shirts that he collected when he attended the Fair or volunteered; he was proud to wear them. Your organization made a huge impact on him, with all you do to educate and advocate [for] the organic culture. In memory of my father, I wanted to share this story with you.”

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