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Drawing by Toki Oshima. By Julia Davis one red leaf balances precariously and drops Part One First, pick a sunny fall day when the smell of falling leaves is in the air. It must be a day when summer almost feels like a distant memory, a day when the air is crisp in its coldness,

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Pre-Sowing Carrot Seed on Toilet Paper Quenching Plants’ Thirst – Below Ground Farmers Need Incentives to Conserve Water Once-a-Day, CSA Cows? New England Field Representative Joins AFT Staff Less Natural Immunity in Cloned Pigs Meat Goat Market Grows and Improves Apples Protect Against Digestive Cancers Nutrition.gov – Information on Healthy Eating, Nutrition, Obesity Prevention  Pre-Sowing

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Garden beds and ponds are just a step from any door at the home of Charles and Julia Yelton in Whitefield, Maine. The Yeltons have a worldwide reputation for excellence in permaculture design. Photos by Jean English. By Jean English In his book Introduction to Permaculture (Tagari Publications, Australia, 1991), Bill Mollison defines permaculture as

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Pepper Sauces

by Roberta Bailey It’s going to be a long, hot winter – or it can be if you spice up your winter fare with flavorful and fiery hot sauces from around the world.I’ve been interested in growing hot peppers and making condiments with them for a long time, but I was drawn to growing hot

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Good Life

Writer, professor and homesteader Linda Tatelbaum amid the beauty and bounty of her garden, harvesting tomatoes growing in the south-facing, luxuriant hillside garden she and her husband, Kal Winer, have created in Burkettville, Maine. Every year she cans 300 quarts of vegetables and fruits for good winter eating. by Jean Ann Pollard © 2005. For

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Midwinter Menus

Combine apples and carrots to make delicious muffins this winter. These specimens were seen at the Common Ground Fair – the ‘Orenco’ apples at Mark and Paula Fulford’s Teltane Farm booth. English photos. by Cheryl Wixson Winter sneaks up on us in Maine. The crisp, autumn days get shorter, and cooler. Sunrises are later, sunsets

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Cold Frames

At the Small Farm Field Day in Unity, Russ Libby demonstrated growing crops in a cold frame that has a folding top. English photo. By Jean English Russ Libby, MOFGA’s executive director, has been growing garden crops in cold frames – “one of my favorite tools” – for about 18 years. His first frames consisted

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By Jean English Bocashi is fermented organic material that has been used traditionally in Japan (where it’s spelled ‘bokashi’) as fertilizer. Making bokashi is an ancient art in Japan, with many recipes, often handed down (sometimes along with bokashi starter) through families. According to the Fall 2004 issue of La Cosecha, the publication of Sustainable

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“If I’m an outlaw, I’m the ultimate patriot.” Bob Sewall At the Great Maine Apple Day in October, Marilyn Meyerhans, Bob Sewall and Mark Fulford shared their experiences in making cider and with the increasingly complex regulatory world that surrounds cider. For a decade, the FDA has been tightening restrictions around cider production, resulting in

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John Howe’s firewood cutting operation is entirely solar powered, from the sun that grows the trees to the tractors that move the trees and firewood, to the solar panels on the golf cart that power the chainsaw. Debbie Howe photos. by Joyce White John Howe’s solar-powered firewood operation is unique in using the sun directly

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