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Winter Garden

Siberian kale is one of many greens that can be harvested in Maine in very cold weather. English photo. by Roberta Bailey To go out to a snow covered tunnel or cold frame, brush away the snow and open the lid never fails to give me a sense of magical wonder and reverential awe. Outside

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Alison LePage

by Alison LePage If you asked me five years ago where my food came from, I probably couldn’t even tell you what state it was grown in, much less the actual farm that produced it. But when my husband and I left “big city living” and moved to Maine in 2002, something changed in the

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1997 F to F

From the Farmer to Farmer Conference – November, 1997 Six years ago, Emily Carlson married a Vermont dairy farmer. She now lives with him in the northeast corner of Vermont, near the Connecticut River and just one mile south of Canada, and has combined her business background with her love of the farm to found

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GMO Labelling Bill

Lance Harvell testifying before the Joint Standing Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. Photos by Jean English. Governor promises he’ll sign in January Two hundred people rallying under Maine Governor Paul LePage’s windows at the State House; 91 percent of Maine people polled saying they want labeling; Rep. Lance Harvell working the halls of the

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An Unfettered Approach to Orcharding at Deer Isle Hostel

  Anneli Carter-Sundqvist gets ready to plant the first apple tree in 2015. Photo by Dennis Carter Raised beds were built for each tree using logs and brush left from clearing the land. Photo by Anneli Carter-Sundqvist Boneset and goldenrod line the woodchip-mulched paths. Photo by Anneli Carter-Sundqvist The wild and unfettered orchard at Deer

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Thoughts on Forest Bathing

By Joyce White When I first heard the term “forest bathing,” images of naked people frolicking through the woods and splashing in a forest brook flashed through my mind. Maybe they then stretched out on sun-warmed pine needles, perhaps even taking a snooze – but certainly not in black fly season. Or winter. But no, “forest bathing”

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Growing a Good Life

Wendy Green outside the house she built and next to the mullein plant that just appeared. Photo courtesy of Wendy Green Live simply that others may simply live. – Gandhi By Joyce White Wendy Green, 61, has spent the years since adolescence creating her own life from an underlying philosophy of taking responsibility for herself

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Urban Homestead

The author with her husband, Charlie Allen. Photo by Myles Allen By Lynn Hower Allen In 1975, the year we met, my then husband-to-be, Charlie, bought a derelict house and 10 acres of land in Union, Maine. The long, rectangular property stretched across a south facing slope at an elevation of 600 feet and had

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Earth Mother Goddess of Nature

Toki Oshima illustration By Joyce White In her 1987 book “The Chalice and the Blade,” Riane Eisler shows us a culture that existed for thousands of years, in which the inhabitants enjoyed peace, prosperity, cooperation, and equality between men and women. She calls that a partnership model of society, represented by the chalice; its opposite

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Ron and Melissa Harwood

Ron and Melissa Harwood and Luke. Photo by Michele McCarthy By Ellen S. Gibson Maine AgrAbility staff attends various events throughout the year to further its mission to help farmers, members of farm families and farm workers overcome pain, injury or disability so that they can continue to work safely and productively. In late September

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