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  Sorrel can grow large and ragged over the summer, and goes to seed. Cut it back in August to produce succulent, young growth again the fall. Protect the plants with a cold frame or other cover and you’ll be able to harvest these tangy leaves well into the fall. English photo. By Jean Ann

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Winter Garden

Siberian kale is one of many greens that can be harvested in Maine in very cold weather. English photo. by Roberta Bailey To go out to a snow covered tunnel or cold frame, brush away the snow and open the lid never fails to give me a sense of magical wonder and reverential awe. Outside

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Cool Kale

Johnny’s ‘Red Russia’ kale. Photo courtesy of National Garden Bureau. by Jean Ann Pollard In Maine, kale comes into its own in autumn. Healthy and tall even in November, it barely shivers when ice and snow decorate leaves and stems. In fact, cold weather seems to improve its flavor without deleting nutrition. According to The

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Glorious Greens

Tat soi, sown 8/11/07, was ready to eat at the Common Ground Country  Fair on Sept. 21. English photo. by Jean English No surprise: I came home from the Common Ground Country Fair with a cornucopia of gardening ideas; and the lush results that came from taking a little time, space, seed and compost that

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Timing CSA Plantings

Photo: Hope’s Edge Farm Almost 1% of Maine families are getting summer produce from Community Supported Agriculture farms (CSAs). “A lot more would like to but don’t know how to connect,” said Russell Libby at a MOFGA-sponsored talk at the Maine Agricultural Trades Show in January. To inspire others to start such farms, Tom Griffin

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Eero Ruutila, a featured speaker at the 1999 Farmer to Farmer Conference, talked about fast-growing greens and other ways to maximize profits on an organic farm. English photo. By Jean English “The magical mesclun salad mix from Nesenkeag Coop Farm is consumed at Boston’s fanciest restaurants. It’s also consumed by the homeless and hungry population

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