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Lisa Turner

Lisa Turner stands among her tomatoes in July. Lamb photo. By Jane Lamb Like many another organic true believer, Lisa Turner was captivated by the prospect of year-round fresh veggies as promised in Eliot Coleman’s Four Season Gardening. “It’s a fabulous book for families,” she says. “If you want to have your own little greenhouse,

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Shalom Orchard

Charlotte Young and Jim Baranski offer a diversity of crops and products at Shalom Orchard in Franklin, Maine. Jane Lamb photo. By Jane Lamb Not many turkeys, organic or otherwise, can enjoy a 360-degree view of scenic Hancock County and beyond, from the Schoodic hills to the east, the Acadia mountains to the south, the

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Ben Wilcox

Ben and Song with a spectacular morning glory in front of their home. All photos by Jane Lamb. By Jane Lamb Faithful patrons of the Camden Farmers’ Market were disappointed to learn in May that Ben Wilcox and his partner, Song Emery, would no longer be there purveying fresh organic produce from Part ‘n Parcel

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Family Centered Farming

Toki Oshima drawing Family-Centered Farming By Polly Shyka When little pigtailed Flora started running laps around the slide projector while her parents were speaking, no one at the 2009 Farmer to Farmer session seemed even slightly miffed. Not only was the 3-1/2-year-old an important part of their conference presentation, she is an important part of

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Avena Institute

Avena Institute board members Shelly Ubbelohde (left) and Bonnie Rukin-Miller (center) are like good compost for the Institute, helping it grow and flower. The educational Institute grew out of the herb business, Avena Botanicals, started by Deb Soule (right). English photo. Permaculture at Avena By Jean English Bonnie Rukin-Miller, chair of the board of Avena

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Gramps Farm

By Jane Lamb, copyright 2002. For information on reproducing this article in any manner, please contact the author.  As a Hancock County businessman/farmer, Tom Taylor has talked with a lot of people who have worked in commercial blueberry plants. “The people who pick out [clean] the berries work in coats because [the berries] are frozen

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Mountain Maple

Edwina and Steve Hardy, though “retired,” keep busy with their maple sugaring operation. Jane Lamb photo. By Jane Lamb Steve Hardy figures he began “sugaring” – as it’s called in his native Vermont; in Maine they call it “sapping” – when he was about eight years old. His mother told him he’d have to wait

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Carding Brook Farm

The 1802 Federal Farmhouse at Carding Brook Farm in Brooklin houses a very modem organic farming couple, Jonathan Ellsworth and Jennifer Schroth. They specialize in growing small amounts of unusual produce, such as 25 varieties of tomatoes. Article & Photos by Jane Lamb Picture a classic Federal country house on a saltwater farm bordering a tidal

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Meadowsweet Farm

By Jean English Lee Humphreys’ and Ib Barfod’s Meadowsweet Farm on Finn­town Road in Warren could just as well be called Renaissance Farm, for they have excelled at music and environmental education (Lee); engineering (Ib); community activism, farming and parenting (both). Add woodworking to Lee’s list … and we can even talk about the ghost

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Wood Prairie Farm

Jim with the Gerritsens’ orchard in the background. The Not-So-Common Potato Text and photos by Jane Lamb One of the most sophisticated operations in Aroostook County takes place in the most unpretentious of settings – the utilitarian potato-packing plant cum residence and its surrounding outbuildings, farming equipment and fields at Wood Prairie Farm in Bridgewater.

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