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Agri Tourism

by Jo Anne Bander For tourists and Maine urbanites alike, agri-tourism is a way to get back to the land, learn how food is grown and support local farms. Whether through a blueberry pick, Open Farm Day, Maine Maple Sunday or a farm B&B, Americans are actively seeking ways to get to the source of

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California Organic Agriculture

Organic crop advisor Amigo Bob Cantisano enlightened Farmer-to-Farmer participants with stories of the ‘Californication’ of organic production. He advised growers to stay under the radar and sell to local consumers as much as possible. A 35-Year Personal Retrospective In November 2007, MOFGA welcomed keynote speaker Amigo Bob Cantisano to the Farmer-to-Farmer Conference. As a farmer,

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Tax Tips for Farmers

by Craig Idlebrook Come March, farmers may be wondering how to pay this year’s taxes when crop income is still just a twinkle in their eyes. Here are 10 tax tips from three farm business specialists from University of Vermont Extension: Dennis Kauppila, St. Johnsbury; Bob Parsons, on campus; and Glenn Rogers, St. Albans. 1.

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Little Farm on the Corner

By Craig Idlebrook Copyright 2006 by the author When I first spotted it, I thought it was an unlikely place for an organic farmstand: still within Ellsworth city limits, right off a fast stretch of Route 1, across the street from a hotel and in a residential neighborhood.  Pulling up, I assumed the Blackstone Gardens

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Why Support Organic Dairy

Brooke Chase of Chase’s Organic Dairy Farm in Mapleton, Maine – one of dozens of MOFGA-certified organic dairy farms. English photo By Jacki Martinez Perkins Some would say that owning a commercial organic dairy today is a losing proposition. For others it’s the only life they’ve known, and they would never think of changing. Dairy

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Can We Survive the Green Revolution

What Is Agribusiness? In this article, we use the term “agribusiness” to refer to large-scale, industrialized, vertically integrated food production, as opposed to smaller farms owned by and supporting families or individuals and their communities. This type of agribusiness is often referred to as “industrial agriculture,” which the Union of Concerned Scientists defines as “the

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Organic Agriculture

By Larry Lack I’m an organic farm inspector currently living in a city (Portland, Oregon) where I also help to manage a thriving farmers’ market. I’ve lived in the country most of my adult life, have been a farm worker and have also farmed commercially on a small scale. Because I have one foot in

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By Eric Sideman, Ph.D. MOFGA’s Director of Technical Services Very little about farming is natural. In fact, farming is one of the early steps humans took in their drive to conquer nature. Hunting and gathering are the more natural methods that animals employ to procure food for their survival, while farming is a means of

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Why Organic Fertilizers

by Jean English Copyright 2008 Synthetic chemical fertilizers won’t kill you outright, unless you ingest some quantity directly, I suppose, or unless certain nitrogen fertilizers explode for one reason or another; all such reasons should be avoided. Still, synthetic fertilizers have their environmental, economic and even health-related costs, and those problems have been amplified as

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By John Koster Many people don’t know that they’ve ever seen Allendale, New Jersey, but the borough turns up all the time as a backdrop to movies and television shows because Allendale embodies an eastern suburb that’s tastefully affluent without being unduly ostentatious. “Morning Glory,” a Paramount Pictures feature film starring Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton,

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