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Summer Garden

Cabbage, tatsoi, peas and kale are among crops that can be started in summer to extend the growing and harvest season into fall. English photos. National Garden Bureau photo. By Roberta Bailey There is a week in late July when I find myself wishing that I could stop time. The garden is perfect. Tomatoes are

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Does Organically Grown Food Taste Better?

Toki Oshima drawing By Mort Mather If you know that I’m a past president of MOFGA, you might think you know how I will answer this question. It is not that simple, though. To begin with, taste is, to a large extent, subjective. Add to that different varieties, different weather conditions, different soil types and

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Rob Johnston Jr and Johnnys Selected Seeds

From Underground Seed Company to Six All-America Selections by Jean English Copyright ©2006 by the author. LouAnna Perkins, Janika Eckert, Rob Johnston. Photo courtesy of Maine Farmland Trust. Following the progress of Rob Johnston’s life is like watching a seed as it germinates and responds to the sun. Johnston, founder of Johnny’s Selected Seeds in

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Pest Report – August 14, 2020

August 14, 2020 With the hot sunny summer we’re having (please rain…), winter squash development has progressed quickly for many. Make sure that your squash is truly ready for harvest to ensure peak flavor, thanks to the research of Brent Loy, who sadly, recently passed away. One caveat that isn’t mentioned in the squash entry

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Pest Report – July 31, 2020

With the summer’s warm weather, growing degree days have accumulated more quickly then previously, and pests like european corn borer will be flying earlier than last year. I am not yet aware of powdery mildew showing up in cucurbits in Maine, but it is only a matter of time, and prevention at the first sight

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Pest Report – July 3, 2020

We’ve finally had relief from the prolonged dry weather, though extended periods of rain bring their own potential problems as prolonged leaf wetness is often a key factor in plant diseases taking hold. I haven’t had any questions about early blight yet, but I anticipate that people will be noticing it soon, if they haven’t

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