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Harvest Kitchen- Spring Cravings

Toki Oshima drawing By Roberta Bailey Once again we have come around to that time of year when our winter diets give way to spring cravings and, hopefully, lots of spring greens. First come the delicate little sprigs pinched into the palm, harbingers of hope and full salad bowls, the first fruits of those winter

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Edible Flowers

Toki Oshima drawing They look and smell pretty in the garden, attract bees, and add color and inspiration to your cooking. So why don’t we use more of them? By Ellie MacDougall Soon after I began to grow vegetables, I realized that flowers have a place in the same garden. In fact, I don’t have

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How to Start Onions From Seed

Home gardeners can easily grow all the onions they’ll need for the year. The easiest way is to plant “sets” (small onions) in the spring. Sets are available from seed catalogs, garden centers and hardware stores. In late April or early May, place the small bulbs about an inch deep in the garden, with four

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