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Lifestyle and Alzheimers Disease

What is dementia? Dementia is a group of symptoms characterized by a decline in intellectual functioning severe enough to interfere with a person’s normal daily activities and social relationships. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia in older persons. https://nihseniorhealth.gov/alzheimersdisease/faq/faq2a.html What is Alzheimer’s disease? Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia

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Healthy Food in Hospitals

The stir fry bar at Maine Medical Center in Portland. Photo courtesy of Maine Medical Center. by Terry Allan For most people, hospital food conjures images of bland, institutional, overcooked meat and vegetables accompanied by surreal Jell-O. But a quiet revolution taking place gradually in hospital kitchens around the country has positive implications not only

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Raw Milk Makes a Comeback in Maine

By Craig Idlebrook Copyright 2006 Judging from the laws on the books, the government must view raw milk as a greater threat to public health than tobacco or alcohol. Federal law technically outlaws all interstate sale of raw milk, and many states ban its sale completely. Maine laws are more lenient but not altogether welcoming.

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Quality Food Quality Life

Eliot Coleman. English photo. By Jean English Members of MOFGA were treated to talks by two thoughtful and entertaining organic “stars” at the Farmer to Farmer Conference in November 2002: grower Eliot Coleman from Harborside, Maine, and Hardy Vogtman, Deputy Minister for the Environment for Germany. Coleman began by defining organic agriculture as “a system

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Doug Flack

Doug Flack, Ph.D., of Flack Family Farm in Vermont, believes that grass-fed animals play an essential role on farms and in our diets. English photo. Both of Doug Flack’s parents went to medical school in the 1920s, and Doug himself spent some time in medical school, then was trained in ecology and evolutionary biology. He

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Virginia Worthington

Virginia Worthington, Ph.D., of Nutrikinetics in Washington, D.C., shared her research showing nutritional differences between organic and conventional produce at Spring Growth. English photo. Dr. Virginia Worthington is a nutritionist who holds a doctorate from Johns Hopkins University and is now a nutritional consultant with Nutrikinetics of Washington, D.C. She has compared studies of nutritional

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English Editorial Organic Matters You Matter MOFGA Matters

  Toki Oshima illustration You know what really matters when mention of the ECB in the mainstream media makes you think, first and foremost, “European corn borer!” and not the far less important – to our community – European Central Bank. What matters to us is growing food, flowers, trees, herbs and fibers in quality,

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