Summer 2002

When York County Extension Educator Frank Wertheim was in Namibia on sabbatical, he learned about a “bucket irrigation kit” from Chapin Watermatics that worked well in that dry environment and should be useful for Maine gardeners as well. In the photo above right, Wertheim and community members lay drip lines in the garden beds.

Left: The drip lines are covered with mulch to protect them from the sun and, of course, to conserve the moisture that they add to the soil.

Right: Hafunda Martin K of Oshakati, Namibia, stands next to the bucket kit after the system is installed. The bucket should be on a stand one meter off the ground to get the proper water pressure for 100 feet of drip line. “Between the drip system and amending the soil with lots of goat manure, we grew a great garden,” says Wertheim. Wertheim was part of a U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization project. His role was to develop a curriculum and training model for young adults to bring vegetable gardens to rural villages.

Bucket Kits

Information about bucket irrigation kits is available from Richard Chapin, Executive Director, Chapin Watermatics Inc, 740 Water St., Watertown, NY 13601; Phone 1-800-CHAPINS; 315-782-1170; fax 315-782-1490; [email protected];

Photos courtesy of Frank Wertheim.

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